The Spider Cliff Mysteries

The town of Spider Cliff

There are many interesting places to visit in Spider Cliff. While we recommend that the visitor explore the town thoroughly to experience the town's many surprises, here are some of the most notable landmarks in the town and the surrounding area.

The town of Spider Cliff
Few towns are as difficult to get to as Spider Cliff. The town sits only a few dozen miles from the population center of Sprawling-Mossville, yet the deep ravines and mountainous terrain make the trip something of a struggle. Very little news from the outside world reaches Spider Cliff, but that doesn't bother the few remaining residents, who are more interested in keeping the town safe from the ever-present threat of demonic invasion.


The Revolving Spider
The social nexus of Spider Cliff is the Revolving Spider Diner. More than just a simple eatery, the Revolving Spider is the place where all of the locals meet and important decisions are made. The diner is operated by local leader and witch, Rebecca St.Spigot.


The Bridge
This rickety old bridge is Spider Cliff's only link to the outside world. The rope bridge is known to break quite frequently, and there are long gaps in which there is no way to enter or leave Spider Cliff. Over the last century, the bridge has been down far more than it has been up.


The Bean House
The Bean family, the founders of Spider Cliff, has long been the leading family and protectors of the town. Though the family is now in decline, and their titular house lies in near-ruins, the family has produced many demon-hunters dedicated to protecting Spider Cliff from the demons and evil spirits of the surrounding area.


The marsh
A dangerous marsh runs right up to the edge of Spider Cliff. Visitors to the area are advised to stay away from this unstable land, though they might be fascinated by some of the marsh's interesting and unique plant and animal species. The marsh is the only known home to a species of animal composed entirely of a thin fibrous material, for which they are commonly known as paper mammals.


The Smoggy Woods
The Smoggy Woods partly surround Spider Cliff, and contribute to the town's isolation. The trees in the woods give off a white mist throughout the year, making travel through the woods difficult. In fact, everyone who enters the woods is never seen again. In is commonly believed that the woods are full of evil spirits, ready to muster and attack Spider Cliff at an opportune moment.