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Can't believe it's been 11 years! Can't seem to let go of this but at least I'm not the only one. Nice to see familiar names still here!
Kiriai [guest]:
Yes, you can still get into the house. I haven't in a year or maybe two at this point. It's a referrer check to auth, so fairly easy.
Interesting, you can't type the word... Does this work? c l u b house.
Nice, what a relief.
Since we have a year. I was wondering, is there still some way of getting into the [...] you had to vote on buzzcomix but the link is gone and I doubt it would work by now.
Is it connected to account or cookies?
It'll be eleven years on the 23rd!
TrickedCoffee [guest]:
Good to see people are still dropping by after ten years...
One breathes a sigh of relief. I wonder if it's an automated process, or if someone's still keeping an eye on the site?
It's been updated today! The domain will expire next year, if not updated again.
So, as I understand it, we have maybe three days left of this site. It's been a pleasure, everyone. I truly enjoyed solving these mysteries.
The Internet Archive already has pretty much as much of the site that can be saved. Any Firefox user can do the same using "File - Save Page As..."
But as tomas20 said just the swf-file isn't enough, and the necessary files cannot be downloaded.
That's concerning. Is there no way of downloading, I don't know, the whole site?
(continued from the previous comment)
Has anyone managed to make this work, and if so, how?
I'm trying to download and run the flash files, however I can't seem to make it work.
They seem to need more than just the swf file, they need an xml file (which I have) with all the dialog and presumably all the backgrounds and whatnot.
[anonymous guest]:
Guys, it seems this domain will expire in august 2017. Who knows if the site will be renewed.
I assume the site's been renewed before, in the past ten years without updates, so I hope it will be again.
sorry that was me, forgot to log in.
[anonymous guest]:
according to this domain expires on 2017-08-05, has an external copy of the comic been made?
tomas20 [guest]:
I miss this
FFWF [guest]:
You aren't the only one. It's been more than ten years now, but still, I live in hope for even the smallest fragment of news.
Hopeful [guest]:
Wondering if jason blue is still alive and kicking. Since 2006 I've been haunted by this game 😭
it's been awhile, spidercliff! Glad to see people still dropping by; it was one of my favourite mystery games :)
We might want to try and popularise Spider Cliff in new areas, too; it predates Tumblr, after all.
Thanks for that! I think eventually either myself, or someone else will try and continue the actual story with an interactive webcomic. It's not too hard to draw these guys, and the code is pretty basic by today's standards.