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I assume the site's been renewed before, in the past ten years without updates, so I hope it will be again.
sorry that was me, forgot to log in.
[anonymous guest]:
according to this domain expires on 2017-08-05, has an external copy of the comic been made?
tomas20 [guest]:
I miss this
FFWF [guest]:
You aren't the only one. It's been more than ten years now, but still, I live in hope for even the smallest fragment of news.
Hopeful [guest]:
Wondering if jason blue is still alive and kicking. Since 2006 I've been haunted by this game 😭
it's been awhile, spidercliff! Glad to see people still dropping by; it was one of my favourite mystery games :)
We might want to try and popularise Spider Cliff in new areas, too; it predates Tumblr, after all.
Thanks for that! I think eventually either myself, or someone else will try and continue the actual story with an interactive webcomic. It's not too hard to draw these guys, and the code is pretty basic by today's standards.
I have posted my solution to Story 8 on the discussion board. I regard many of my conclusions as decisive, not to mention original. I hope it satisfies the expectations of those who have waited.
Right, I'm totally done on my recap; I'll post my theory and make a formal guess later today. In my report I place responsibility for the gondola disaster on a suspect previously unnamed in all other inquiries.
Reading the discussion threads on The Gondola Cypher... I've amended a couple of my theories slightly, but mostly they stand as written. The threads just pointed out some things I'd overlooked.
My case notes run to eleven pages. I may need to actually edit this.
I'm just writing out my conclusions on The Gondola Cipher now. I'll check them in the threads later, but I think I might have nailed it. There's only one question I can't fully answer yet.
I'm fully caught up... it feels sad. I'm going to go through the discussion threads next, see if there's anything I've missed, but lots of things do line up now.
I'm very excited. I'm two-thirds through The Gondola Cypher, and I may have caught a glimpse of a motive...
The first seven stories, rather. I'm presently nine chapters through Story 8, and already have some working theories on the big mysteries.
I'm through the first seven chapters... I'm nearly ready for the real investigation.
I'm actually rereading all chapters at present, for the first time in years. When I got to the Gondola Cypher, I aim to solve it.
Alice belladora:
As would we all i'm sure
Gretgor [guest]:
Wow, it's been ages now :(

I know Jason's probably moved to more important things, but I'd love to know how this ends.
FFWF [guest]:
Just thought I'd chip in to say that Spider Cliff is still great; I'm intending to replay everything one day, too. I'm much wiser to mysteries now, so maybe I can crack the last case.
NathanS123456789 [guest]: