The Spider Cliff Mysteries uses Flash technology to present an interactive story through a series of branching conversations. Control is given through buttons that appear in the scene as needed.

There are two types of control buttons:

Continue Buttons are attached to speech balloons, indicating that the narrative is paused to allow you to read the speech. You can continue the story by clicking on the button or pressing the spacebar. The chapter will not continue until you click on the coninue button or press the spacebar, so feel free to walk away from the screen to have a snack, work in the garden, whatever... they'll still be standing there when you get back.

Option Buttons appear at a branching of the storyline. Buttons will appear above characters you can speak to or items you can interact with. The number inside the button indicated the number of story branches that are available. Click on the button to see the possible actions or conversations. The background color of a choice will generally indicate the type of branch.

  • A light blue background will progress the storyline.
  • A white background will give additional information but will not lead anywhere.
  • A red background will lead directly to the end of the chapter.
  • The goal is to enjoy the story. To assist in solving the mysteries, clues have been hidden in most of the chapters. Clues are things that either give hints to the solution of the mystery or offer additional background information about the characters (sometime both). Clues are also shown with the "clue indicator" in the lower-right corner of the chapter frame. When you see the "clue indicator", it means that something that someone just said might be important. If you have an account, I keep track of your clues and each one is worth one mammon (our local currency).