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Clue Finder 2

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Clue Finder 2

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 12:24am, 23 Nov, 2005

Hey, this is another spoiler thread and I know there already is a clue finder ,but this the sequal.
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Posted by Kiriai, 8:52am, 23 Nov, 2005

I don't want to spoil this latest chapter. But since people want help, if you have the first two clues, then you are two choices away from the third. The first choice will enable the second. They are in the last and second to last choice boxes.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Posted by vega777, 9:31am, 23 Nov, 2005

I can only find 1, the one about turnip in the house.

Posted by Kiriai, 9:38am, 23 Nov, 2005

Remember that people (and paper mammels) get defensive and withdrawn when accused. Try not to make accusations, and stick to fact based questions. Hopefully that helps you get the second clue.

Posted by vega777, 9:42am, 23 Nov, 2005

Yeah I found it, now just to find the 3rd....

Posted by smjjames, 2:33pm, 24 Nov, 2005

can't find the third clue yet... I've tried a couple pathways, but dunno.

Posted by Schnerples, 10:02pm, 24 Nov, 2005

The third clue provides a lot of new evidence

(This is a hint...)
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Posted by smjjames, 10:09pm, 24 Nov, 2005

someone already said that :P

now that I'm back, gonna keep trying to find it. but I think I may need help finding it.

Posted by Rognik, 12:30am, 25 Nov, 2005

Is the third clue tied to one of the final answers, or is it just before that? I've been over pretty much every bit, and unless it's before the first two clues I found, I have no idea where to search.

Posted by Kiriai, 2:22am, 25 Nov, 2005

*Spoiler* I encrypted this with ROT13. If you really need help, it should suffice.
Vs lbh unir gur svefg gjb pyhrf, lbhe pybfr. Gurer vf n pubvpr gung fnlf "Nyy gur rivqrapr cbvagf ntvnafg lbh." Gura lbh jvyy or noyr gb nfx n arj dhrfgvba ng gur raq. Ubcr guvf urycf, V pna cbfg n shyy cngu.

Posted by smjjames, 10:18am, 25 Nov, 2005

it would help to know what the ROT13 program is or where I can find it :P

edit: found a site that decrypted it.
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Posted by rora123, 2:24am, 26 Nov, 2005

whats the site to help decode that?.......kirai you couldnt have put a spoiler? geebuz

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