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1 year aniversary

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1 year aniversary

Posted by samthehobbit, 5:41pm, 15 Nov, 2005

yay next friday is 1 year aniversary

Spam! Spam! Spam!

Posted by Deverien, 11:29pm, 15 Nov, 2005

You post a thread, then you post an identical one HALF AN HOUR later? What's wrong with you?

Posted by hookman, 11:13am, 17 Nov, 2005

I find this very disturbing

Posted by jasonblue, 11:37am, 17 Nov, 2005

Hmmm... one year...

Mathematically, it would work out to one year if I held to my three-times-weekly schedule. However, I miss updates quite a bit and I think I might have misses an entire month at some point, so the site is actually a bit older. We could celebrate based on the day I reserved the name (Aug 4, 2004) or the date of the first chapter (June 23, 2004, see the chapters page), or even with the date I originally came up with this whole idea (July 28, 2000). However, next Friday is a holiday of sorts... 25 Nov is Barlow's birthday, or at least the day he celebrates it. (but it's not the day he was found...)

Posted by smjjames, 11:40am, 17 Nov, 2005

next friday is also Thanksgiving day :) or Thanksgiving weekend at least anyway.

Also, is Spider Cliff in North America? or is it in some fictional country? just a thought heh, doesn't mean they do celebrate thanksgiving.
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No reason for this post really

Posted by Phoniexashes, 7:03pm, 17 Nov, 2005

Jason, you came up with your idea one year before I got married.


Posted by Rognik, 3:30pm, 21 Nov, 2005

It's only Thanksgiving for those in the States, smjjames. Canadians celebrate it in October, and other countries don't even have it.

In any case, happy birthday Barlow!


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