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exchange time

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exchange time

Posted by zoe, 4:37am, 23 Aug, 2005

hi does anyone how long it would take for the stuff we exchange our mammons for would take to arrive.I live in England so was just wondering what the lead time would be on them! any help much appreciated !



Posted by rora123, 10:41am, 23 Aug, 2005

well since the mailing is coming out of his own pocket and there are probably a lot of orders im sure it will take awhile

Posted by jasonblue, 10:59am, 23 Aug, 2005

Sorry, I have a big backlog I need to work through. I'm going to be sending out a big shipment this week. If you look on the main page (and if the system is working right) you should see a listing of your orders, and the status will change to "shipping" when it's on its way.

Oh, if it says its shipping and you are still not getting it, let me know because my stuff seems to get "lost" in the mail quite often. Also, if you are outside of USA, please make sure your real name is on your mailing address (on the edit screen) as the border people give me strange looks when I sent packages addressed to sUpErDuDe_13
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Posted by eeyore, 2:26pm, 23 Aug, 2005

I would assume the actaul shipping time to england will probably be a month once the status changes. I subscribe to magazine out of the UK even though I live in the US and that is what I have found in terms of lag time. Hope that helps.

Posted by zoe, 4:38am, 24 Aug, 2005

cheers thx for that guys, wasn being pushy haven even exchanged my mammons was just wondering how long it would take if i were to.

Posted by Deverien, 11:53pm, 5 Nov, 2005

Just out of curiosity, if I order multiple exchange items, will they all be sent in the same package?

Posted by smjjames, 12:24am, 6 Nov, 2005

maybe if you ask him to he will.

Posted by jasonblue, 12:36am, 6 Nov, 2005

I usually put them in one package, to save on shipping.

I just sent out a whole bunch of stuff, but there's still quite a backlog. If you are still waiting for something, just a little longer.

Posted by Deverien, 10:32pm, 5 Nov, 2006

Question: Can I cancel the exchange items that I requested earlier? I don't care about getting the mammon back or not, I just want to cancel the request due to issues with my local mail service.

Posted by Phoniexashes, 9:55am, 27 May, 2008

I've been waiting just about 3 years now for my stuff.


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