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Posted by lovelytuba, 6:50pm, 8 Nov, 2005

I just thought that we should talk about whether or not Turnip has family. I mean it is up to Jason... They are never mentioned, but if you go to the fan art gallery, you can see my depiction on what I think. It is called "Lisa".

So let's hear some opinions!
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Posted by lovelytuba, 11:00pm, 9 Nov, 2005

COME ON! Reply! This is a hot topic!

Posted by Rognik, 12:04am, 10 Nov, 2005

I didn't know two comments, both made by you, makes a hot topic.

Besides, I want to know if all paper mammals look alike, or if there are various subspecies to them.

Posted by Deverien, 1:29am, 10 Nov, 2005

Turnip has three paper mammal concubines named Gargantua, Potamia, and Hilary.


Posted by AfroDwarf, 6:41pm, 10 Nov, 2005

All of the ones in story 5 looked identical to Turnip, so much so that someone (Crystal, I think) wondered if one of them was Turnip. The only paper mammal I've yet to see that didn't look like a Turnip clone was Kibbles, and he just looked like a Turnip clone with a dangerous moo-stache (phonetic spelling of British accent).

Posted by jasonblue, 7:02pm, 10 Nov, 2005

You know, Turnip wouldn't say that all the paper mammals look identical. We're just using our human standards when looking at them.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 8:19pm, 10 Nov, 2005

i don't know if turnip has a wife... i mean if he's the only paper mammal who can speak, all his potential mates must be pretty dull, right? I mean come on, would you want to marry someone who couldn't talk or understand you at all?

And a human lover (Eliza, as suggested by somebody on the romances thread) would be really, really icky. far more so than alex + annabelle or barlow + crystal.

Posted by lovelytuba, 12:50am, 11 Nov, 2005

Just so you know Rognik, I didn't appreciate that comment. I don't need negativity.

Posted by corchen, 4:28am, 11 Nov, 2005

Turnip I think does at some point say that he's teaching the other paper mammals to speak, so maybe it's not so much tat he's super-bright, but that he's had the oppurtunity to learn english, from Barlow. Perhaps there's a paper mamal language?

Posted by lovelytuba, 1:29pm, 11 Nov, 2005

I bet there is! I think that there would have to be. How else would they know maybe, move matrimonials... Hmm. Interesting...

Posted by Egocentric, 12:14pm, 12 Nov, 2005

If there is not a paper mammal language, Turnip must have had an hard time spreading the socialistic veiwpoints, but he seems to have done it, so I think there is one.

Posted by vspirit, 11:44am, 23 Nov, 2005

I think they're the greatest invention ever since potato chips. I hope Jason gets a Nobel Peace Prize for creating them.
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