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Help! What to do if a chapter is broken

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Help! What to do if a chapter is broken

Posted by jasonblue, 10:52am, 8 Nov, 2005

The series uses Flash and a few other files to work. Sometimes things don't get loaded up right and all sorts of funny things can happen. Unfortunately, many browsers out there put flash files in your cache and won't reload it from this site. The only way to fix it in that case is to clear those cached files out entirely (and sometimes that doesn't even work).

SCM relies on the following swf files, which are probably on your computer somewhere. You can search for them and delete them and everything will be loaded fresh the next time to start a chapter.

swf files (these are my files and won't break anything else)

Also, if there is one specific chapter that isn't working, search and remove files with this naming scheme:

st(story number)ch(chapter number).swf
st(story number)ch(chapter number).xml

For instance, chapter 2 of story 7 would be st07ch02.swf and st07ch02.xml
Those files would normally be in your cache, or as IE calls it, your temporary internet files. If you choose to delete all offline files, all this stuff would be thrown away in addition to every other cache file.

Posted by smjjames, 11:00am, 8 Nov, 2005

I just cleared the cookies from mine and that worked.

theres also a minor (very minor) graphical glitch where when barlow tips his head back while talking to crystal he gets a tiny 'fang' the right corner of his mouth (your right side that is).

other than that and the clue thing which got fixed, no other problems for me.

even though I asked last night in the shout box. does Annabelle look a few inches taller in this chapter? its probably just an optical illusion.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 8:27pm, 10 Nov, 2005

yes i noticed that. she may have been standing on a stair, or a rise in the ground. i doubt its significant.


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