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Posted by little inu, 6:02pm, 21 Jan, 2006

does anyone else think barlow looks a little young to be going to college??

hehe, sorry, that was completely off subject...

Posted by rora123, 7:49pm, 21 Jan, 2006

well how old do you expect crystal and annabelle to be?...they are quite old but still look young...i think its better that way.. otherwise alex wouldn't be macking with an old lady

Posted by jrf, 12:10pm, 22 Jan, 2006

well, we already know Barlow is 18, IMHO that is quite a normal age for going to college. Crystal is 28. (their ages were revealed in one of the earlier stories)

I don't know about Alex and Annabelle though

Posted by Mercury589, 12:33pm, 22 Jan, 2006

I believe that Crystal said she was 28 in demon years, she seemed rather reluctant to agree with Barlow's assumption that she was 10 years older than him.

Posted by jasonblue, 12:45pm, 22 Jan, 2006

Alex is 18. We're pretty sure Barlow is also 18, but nothing is known about his parentage yet. Annabelle is either 17 or 125, depending on how you want to count. Crystal is old enough to start lying about her age.

Posted by smjjames, 2:29pm, 22 Jan, 2006

I thought barlow was more like 19 and I thought Crystal was 21 or so, but she could have been lying and 28 probably sounds right considering she seems to have had alot of experience in various things.

and yea, Annabelle is right around thier age (although earlier on she acted somewhat younger, more like 16), and thats if she was actually alive and wasn't born more than a century ago.
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