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Posted by living_ghost, 12:26pm, 7 Nov, 2005

Hey all, I found this site by accident just the other week
Happy Accident I might add.

I'm now kinda hooked on this thing.
At first I admittedly thought "hmm, this thing is going to suck, it looks like a kiddy comic" bad as that sounds I wasn't bad enough to judge something on first appearances, I read the first chapter start to finish and was surprised, I did like the artwork and character stylings and I found the plot to be pretty damn funny and pretty clever...I loved the characters too.
As easy as it would seem to get to know the characters early on, you keep finding you don't know them as well as you thought...

"Demon Lawyers?", "We're evil but We're NOT that evil"

It's rare to find anything that could be approved for an all ages rating that's ever really interesting to an adult ...
well, I'm 21...I'm still a kid...ish...

oh shut up :P

I'm gonna be trying to get some more readers to the site via forums I'm part of

even if it's just to at least check it out.
I'd never have registered if I hadn't checked it out (speaking of which I registered after chapter 5 >.

Posted by Deverien, 9:16pm, 7 Nov, 2005

Good job, old bean. Now don't forget to vote every day, or a big meteor will come down and destroy Spider Cliff!

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 11:32pm, 7 Nov, 2005

Me too I just can't stop coming to everyday to vote. I just found this site a month ago and I'm still waiting for my package. Just like you I found it by accident while looking for mysteries on my websearch. Also he is right a meteor will destroy spidercliff it's a flaw in the comic that Jason can't remove and then no more spidercliff.

Comets eh?

Posted by living_ghost, 2:35pm, 9 Nov, 2005

lol :) I'll be sure to keep voting then...can't have comets come down on Spidercliff >.<

man, Jason must have a pretty big backlog with all the people that are on here wanting free stuff, lol

ahh well, least ya know it's on it's way some day or another :)
nice guy though to go doing that all out of his own pocket

I hope he gets some kinda money outta this shindig

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 7:10pm, 10 Nov, 2005

he gets his money at the cafe shop thing where you buy with real $.
This message was last edited on 10 Nov 2005.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 7:14pm, 10 Nov, 2005

With one shirt, one mug and *maybe* 50 or so hardcore readers how much do you really think he makes off it?

Posted by jasonblue, 7:36pm, 10 Nov, 2005

I cater to a rather small niche at the moment, but if it continues to grow - who knows? Lately I've been thinking of getting some nicer merch, but not for the purpose of making money as much as it being another form of advertising.

Posted by corchen, 4:31am, 11 Nov, 2005

Plushies would be a fantastic idea, although horribly expensive for Jason. Unless of course some lovely fan would be interested in making a few. . .

Posted by Adrian14, 1:36pm, 23 Nov, 2005

Perhaps rag dolls would be an easier more simple solution to dolls... just get some swaths of fabric in generic patterns and colors and stitch away! I'd volunteer to do them but no one would EVER buy mine...that is unless someone wants grossly out of proportion things that barely resemble the inhabitants od spider cliff!

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 11:49pm, 28 Nov, 2005

Uh..No thanks

Posted by Schnerples, 1:42pm, 30 Nov, 2005

Why not just add to the free items you can pick up at Cafepress? I know they have journals, sweatshirts, etc. Just increase your stuff there. A few items with pic's of the gang or something like that.

Posted by featheredkitten, 11:39pm, 30 Nov, 2005

or a journal would be cool, with pics of the spider cliffers on it......then you could draw in and submit fan sorry just a thought

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