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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by rora123, 4:51am, 18 Nov, 2005

i thought id do some research on the plants just in case if there is some info behind them(if they arent made up=0)

they all are basically shrubbery and trees...which the bark or seeds and flowers could be of use to someone
and notice the type of tree it is like spotted, azure, fork-leafed etc.

Spotted Hickory-deciduous trees of the genus Carya, having smooth or shaggy bark, compound leaves, and hard smooth stones or nuts, each containing an edible seed and surrounded by a husk that splits into four valves.

Fork-leafed Hackberry(potted)-various trees or shrubs of genus Celtis with inconspicous small flowers with soft yellow wood

Azure Crabapple-deciduous trees of the genus Malus, with clusters of white, pink, or reddish flowers.
small tart fruit of such a tree, sometimes used to make jelly and preserves.

Feathered Mulberry-genus Morus -unisexual flowers in dropping catkins and edible fruit

Meandering Larch-coniferous trees- genus larix-needle-like leaves clustered on short shoots and heavy durable wood

Giant Kittenberry- no results on this though

yeah yeah im a dork...i know=0)
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Posted by smjjames, 11:16am, 18 Nov, 2005

Giant Kittenberry has gotta be fake. Also, did you find anything about medical uses? otherwise they just sound like typical garden plants or things you'd find in a park.

The Code

Posted by Kiriai, 8:29pm, 18 Nov, 2005

I tried to work on decoding the message a bit. I thought if it was a coded message, and Turnip was accurate, the final line "Finally!...being." contained the encoded message.

I thought that perhaps the list of plants was in some way the decoding mechanism. My first attempt was to use the count of each word as the index into the coded string. I wasn't sure how to handle punctuation. Also the method of indexing isn't clear, so I tried simple variations.

None produced anything close to english. The closest was Yes,tocTtpdspl. Additionally, I ran all the potential messages through a ceaser decoder to make sure they wasn't a second layer of coding.

I don't know what to do with the two words in parentesis. Also the two lines of words make things more difficult. I started at the begining of the code when I reached the new line (as the index is past the end if we continue without restarting. It doesn't give anything better though).

I don't have a lot of expereince breaking codes, so if anyone has any other ideas, maybe post here. Though its entirely possible that its an entirely different type of code (or not a code at all).

Posted by rora123, 12:55am, 19 Nov, 2005

smjjames- well it is also noted that there is a form of tree magic that you can do but i dont know if that is the purpose of what the sheriff is trying to do...medical uses i still havent checked about that but whatever was in that decanter could be connected with the sheriff...but we still dont know what the sheriff is up to just yet

and jason? what is up with all the mysteries involving plants? doing some horticulture? lol =0P

Posted by smjjames, 1:01am, 19 Nov, 2005

yea, the last 3 including this one have involved plants.

hope the next chapter comes soon :)

what a 'magic lantern is'!

Posted by smjjames, 5:25pm, 19 Nov, 2005

I just saw on an episode of Wild West Tech on History channel briefly about a magic lantern.

Basically what it is, is a box with a tube in front and having some glass slides and in the main box is an oil lantern, thats about what I got from it as I wasn't quite paying attention plus it made me think of the magic lantern here and I wanted to post about it. Lemme do a yahoo search for a few min to try and get better info.

Wikipedia has a good entry:

its basically the ancestor of the modern slide projector. So Rebecca could have been borrowing one from there, however we don't know what time they had the show the previous night.
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Posted by Hakura0, 6:44pm, 20 Nov, 2005

Well we all know how much of a fan the Sheriff is of 'balance' right? It could be he finally managed to bring some balance of a sort to the plant life in the area, but if that were the case, Eliza probably would have noticed something too. That's probably a bit to simple of an answer though...

Posted by smjjames, 12:02pm, 21 Nov, 2005

with this latest chapter, it sounds like someone went through her camp in a hurry because they were looking for something, whether they found what they were looking for or not we don't know. I didn't get all the clues yet so I'm heaidng back to it.

Posted by Kiriai, 2:57pm, 21 Nov, 2005

The magic lantern show was brought up agian. I'm feeling more and more like its connected in some way. I looked at the wikipedia page that james linked, and what do I see in the additional resources but "camera obscura"

So now we have three motives for the camera theif: 1: Cover the theft of the decanter. 2. Cover up some misuse of the witch room. 3. For the pictures already exsisting on the roll of film.

So there are lots of questions that might relate: what was Anabelle doing in the part of the day she skipped over and why is she skipping her housework. Was it just her flirtation with Alex or something else?

Why did Rebecca lose her powers? Was it intentional by someone looking to get past a particular spell that she left protecting something? To keep her from interfearing? An accident while doing something else? Perhaps its just random and relatively unrelated (nah).

Why did Crystal take so long to clean up the mirror? Or did she really take that long to clean up the mirror? Perhaps that an indication that the clock tower was being played with.

What did Eliza catch on her film. Did the paper mammals actually notice her presence and decide they needed to get the film to cover up the crime? Did she catch something else on the film without knowing it (maybe she finally caught a matrimonal on film and it wasn't happy about it).

While its possible there are forces that we don't presently know about, theres no real way to deal with that possibility without more knowledge, so sticking with the present characters seems like the key at the moment.

I wonder if the plant list found last chapter and Eliza's research are connected.

They asked the question once and Crystal and Barlow are split on it: Which event so far do you think is most important to this mystery?

Posted by rora123, 4:16pm, 21 Nov, 2005

I do wish that eliza said if anything was taken from her camp because again what is Eliza's specialty? it may be the sheriff..who was looking for the list of shrubbery he needed for whatever purpose

and has rebecca said yet what is in the decanter in the first place?...why go through all that trouble to announce it to everyone that it was there and set up a camera? she obviously still isnt telling barlow everything

Posted by smjjames, 4:30pm, 21 Nov, 2005

She said that she wasn't done cleaning up so she probably doesn't know if anything is missing yet.

and yes the things about the decanter don't quite seem logical and some things about it are unusual.

Turnip was telling the truth about the previous night because Eliza said that Sherriff was there until about 1 AM and he couldn't find any paper mammals.

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 4:36pm, 21 Nov, 2005

Maybe the paper mammals are now finally revolting?

Barlow: Your coffee tastes different today by the way

Hope he likes it cockroach flavored...:D

I willing to put my money on the paper mammals playing a big role in this.
Remember how secretive everyone was in the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

The question that bugs me, is what did Rebecca intend to catch on film?

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