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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by samthehobbit, 7:48pm, 16 Nov, 2005

my theory on alex and the witch room
its been said in an erliewr storie not shure where (think its mayor misplaced) that he hasan ability to seemingly just not here anything when sum 1 talks about rebecca being a witch
hench the witch room is a red herring
as alex simply is just protecting his own mind from evidence that his moms a witch

A Falling Out Among Thieves?

Posted by dalben, 11:10pm, 16 Nov, 2005

If everyone is lying about something then probably different people stole the film and the decanter, (why lie if you haven't done anything?).

Perhaps Annabelle and Alex conspired to steal decanter. Alex because he wanted to get rid of his mom's witch powers (assuming that it would do so), Annabelle, either out of love or because Alex persuaded her the decanter would help her somehow (turn her alive? who knows what a zombie wants in addition to brains). Somewhere along the line they had a falling out. Also Alex's eyebrows got burned off by a protective spell in Rebecca's room.

What could Rebecca be lying about? that the decanter was stolen at all is a good guess. Perhaps she's lying about losing her witch powers.

The sherriff 's interest in the broken mirror, and his airgun are certainl y suspicious, but did he commit a crime or is he investigating one? If someone has been playing around with the clock in the diner or in the tower he could have stolen the film, but so could anyone else. For that matter if "about two o'clock" was 2:06 or 2:07 or thereabouts he could still have stolen the film.

Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies.
Turnip & Eliza: haven't had any lines yet so we don't have any of their lies or motives to sift through. Turnip has no hands so he couldn't have stolen the film. We have yet to determine the carrying capacity of a paper mammal so we don't know if he could have stolen the decanter. We have no information how Eliza might relate to this.

Posted by Deverien, 1:19pm, 17 Nov, 2005

I noticed two things that seem suspicious... verrrrrry suspicious:

1. In Rebecca's withcraft room, there is a vacant space on one of the shelves. We already know that her witchcraft isn't working right, so I wonder if something important was removed from that spot...

2. This one is REALLY fishy... look at the blow-up of the left-hand picture. There is a tree there. Now go and look at chapter two (when they're outside the diner).

No tree. Huh.

Posted by smjjames, 1:32pm, 17 Nov, 2005

ah yes, strange, really strange ineed. Its even wierder with the tree. and it would have to be a really tall tree to reach that window, or its coming up from a balcony below (which I doubt because Rebecca's private study window is visible from the second chapter), and whats the pillar thing to the left of the window?

if it was really tall, SOMEONE would have noticed the tree falling or the sound of it crashing, plus it could have hit another building.

Posted by jasonblue, 2:00pm, 17 Nov, 2005

Don't forget that picture is a closeup of a much larger picture. That tree could be a lot closer than the building behind it.

Posted by smjjames, 2:09pm, 17 Nov, 2005

yea it could be, which would explain the pedestal thing with the leaf on top of it thats under the window. can't tell anything more about the normal pic though as the detail is too small.

Posted by smjjames, 7:46pm, 17 Nov, 2005

Some intriguing clues here, rebecca went to sherriffs house last night to 'borrow' an antique oil lamp (I'm sure they are all over town and probably not worth a whole lot, although if its a hierloom, it might mean something alot personally to the sherriff), then theres the listing of plants which could be ingredients to something. Most of them are made up, but Spotted Hickory, Azure Crabapple, Feathered Mulberry, and Meandering Larch are probably based on real plants. And finally theres the final clue which has to do with rebecca's witch powers dissapearing and the bit about the cockroaches.

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 7:53pm, 17 Nov, 2005

Turnip: It's up to me to fight against his capitalist plans...

Too cute...:-P

Turnip: It says... "Spotted Hickory, Fork-leafed Hackberry (potted), Azure Crabapple"... and the second line continues with "Feathered Mulberry, Meandering Larch, Giant Kittenberry (carnivorous)"...

Carnivorus plants? Like a Venus Flytrap? Not surprised theyr'e here....Maybe we'll find a clue with them.

Turnip: It looks like he was taking an inventory of plants, but then suddenly he writes, "Finally! The inevitable has happened, the situation is perfectly balanced. I'll keep this to myself for the time being."

The sheriff might be referring to Rebecca losing her powers...

A bunch of us paper mammals worked up the courage to go to the sheriff's house late last night. ! But he wasn't there. We waited around from 11 to 1 last night, but he never showed up.

Odd...where could he have gone?

It was Rebecca. We saw her sneak into the sheriff's house and take a lamp back towards her house. An antique oil lamp, the kind that people used over a hundred years ago.

Hmmm.......oil......What would she need the lighting for? Unless....

Crystal: I'm just worried that some of her enchantments might come undone.

Uh oh...not good.
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Posted by Kiriai, 7:55pm, 17 Nov, 2005

So I wonder if the latern that Rebecca stole was related to the Magic latern show that Annabelle mentioned attending the night before the crime.

Its seems more likely now that the sherif was responsible for taking out the mirror (the timing works out).

I'm stumped on the code though.

Posted by smjjames, 7:58pm, 17 Nov, 2005

oh yea, I spotted a clue in story 2, chapter 14 that is relevant to this story. She said in the previous story that Alex considers witches evil and stuff so he has a mental block that protects him from anything that would suggest his mom is a witch. Which would explain his actions when he was talking about the 'storage room'.

and theres this:
crystal: Why were you in Rebecca's house earlier?!
turnip: Who says I was in Rebecca's house?!
crystal: Alex saw you there. You were looking for something. Did you find it?
turnip: No! I'm being set up for this! You're just picking on me because I'm a defenseless paper animal.
turnip: If you're going to treat me like a criminal, I'm not going to answer any more of your questions.
crystal: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to accuse you of anything. Let's just pretend I didn't accuse you of anything.
turnip: Honestly, this is exactly the type of treatment I expect for the sheriff.

I bet this is what Alex is lying about.

Posted by smjjames, 8:01pm, 17 Nov, 2005

Also, a book I have that talks about how everyday things origionated, it said that a century or so ago movie shows were sometimes called magic lantern shows, so I believe Annabelle is referring to a modern day movie projector. or maybe a shadow puppet show or somethin.

as for where the sherriff was, maybe he was at that 'magic lantern' show as well, unless it didn't go that late.
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Posted by Knoton, 8:32pm, 17 Nov, 2005

I think the mirror that broke is pivotal to all this somehow, there is no way that it gets mentioned more than once and then has nothing to do with the story, no way. hmm lantern, mirror, witch powers.

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