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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by smjjames, 11:40pm, 7 Nov, 2005

well I've gotta say enough flashpowder to burn off your eyebrows would certainly piss me off. Although considering they were using old military grade gunpowder from artillery shells and not special flashpowder, I'm not too surprised that sort of accident happened.

anybody able to get to the 4th clue?

even though I asked in the shout box, can someone check if putting film in a freezer is a good way of keeping it? I've never heard of film bieng kept in a freezer to preserve it.

Posted by Deverien, 11:42pm, 7 Nov, 2005

I was able to get all four clues, but I can't remember the exact path. Most of them are in Annabelle's conversation, I believe. I think you need to subtly dance around the interrogation (i.e. don't accuse her directly).


I don't know about freezing, but I'm pretty sure that keeping film cool will preserve it. And Annabelle's interpretation of a 'freezer' might not necessarily be the same modern-day solid ice cube making freezers that we use. It could have been a simple picnic-style cooler.
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Posted by smjjames, 11:59pm, 7 Nov, 2005

yea, I know that putting film in your refrigerator can help it last longer (same with batteries) and things that are bieng preserved could be kept in a climate controlled cool room or something.

I still can't find 4 clues, after Annabelle says about the gunpowder then I ask about suspicuous things and she says about the air gun, then the conversation basically ends with no more clues after that.

The 4 clues of the apocalypse!

Posted by Rognik, 12:05am, 8 Nov, 2005

All the clues are in Annabelle's conversation. The first one is discovering Alex has no eyebrows any more. The rest is learning about what Annabelle and Alex were doing during the day and if anyone seemed suspicious. (I don't want to give the full path here, in case people want to try and find it on their own.)

Posted by smjjames, 12:07am, 8 Nov, 2005

it kept ending for me after the 'if anybody was acting suspicious'.

Posted by jasonblue, 9:26am, 8 Nov, 2005

smjjjames, you might have a broken version of it. Try clearing out your browser cache and retry it. There was an upgrade in this one that gives you the ability to export transcripts, but it might have loaded in wrong.

Posted by smjjames, 10:30am, 8 Nov, 2005

I got the second clue, but it doesnt seem to be a new one to me. I guess it just somehow didnt get marked as a clue but now is. There really weren't any 'missing' clues.

As far as the high powered airgun (think those Nerf gun toys, but much more powerful), I wonder if he was trying to hide it because he didn't want ppl to think he was going soft at the paper mammals and becoming more humane at them.
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Posted by jasonblue, 10:41am, 8 Nov, 2005

More than just the cookies. Flash files and xml don't always clean themselves up, and if a file becomes corrupted your browser might not download a newer version of it like it should. I'll start a new thread on how to fix things like that.

Posted by dalben, 10:43am, 8 Nov, 2005

Thanks for putting that export function in for the transcripts.

What did we learn today?

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 11:12am, 8 Nov, 2005

1. Something happened to Annabelle or she did something between 2:40 and 3:00

2. The sheriff has an air gun that he intends to use on someone EXCEPT Turnip (possibly Annabelle)

3. The gun power used in the flash might not have been normal powder.

4. The film in the refrigerator is obviously odd.

5. Annabelle intentionally didn't want to reveal all that has happened in her day.

6. The whole scene could have been a red herring.

I think that pretty much covers everything...

Posted by smjjames, 11:26am, 8 Nov, 2005

The gunpowder could be easily explained because for one, the gunpowder in the artillery shells would have been military grade and much more powerful than flashpowder which would be different mix or something dunno.

It was probably just ignorance on thier side since the sherriff might not have known that its more powerful even though he is used to handling bullets and all.

Posted by dalben, 6:31pm, 8 Nov, 2005

So did the Sherrif shoot the decanter with the air gun, and then project an image that made it look like it was sitll there at 12:00? Probably not, but it's the best theory I' ve got this early in the story.

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