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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 5:46pm, 3 Nov, 2005

wow... i just realized i used the word "mysteriously" three times in my theory.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 8:46pm, 3 Nov, 2005

Hmm, maybe this story will be the first wherein a chapter is told from the pov of someone other than Barlow or Crystal.

Posted by Knoton, 8:55pm, 3 Nov, 2005

Hmm, maybe the Camera Obscura will be a camera Alyx finds in the archives that can take pictures of spirits or other supernatural entities a la Fatal Frame

Posted by smjjames, 10:05pm, 3 Nov, 2005

Well, most of the clues in this one just establishes a time line. its too early to start speculating a whole lot.

The possible suspects are Eliza and Annabelle (she's been a suspect alot lately), even though Annabelle probably doesn't have knowledge of motion sensors, she would likely have seen the camera.

However, as we have seen in the previous stories, the person or persons we think could be a suspect generally aren't the real suspects.

and the relationship between Annabelle and Alex is getting wierd (edging on the morbid side), I hope you are planning on making her fully alive at some point Jason.

Posted by Deverien, 10:08pm, 3 Nov, 2005

I wonder if Annabelle stole the film from the camera so she could take Alex's picture.

IRT smjjames:

It's not just a romance, it's a NEC-romance.

*gets shot by the Bad-Pun Police*
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Posted by Quarma, 10:26pm, 3 Nov, 2005

NECROMANCE!!! So anyway, the person who stole the object in the first chapter was caught on tape. And so nobody would find out, they took the picture because that's obviously a self-developing camera. The also had to take the film, or else Rebecca would've known that a picture was taken between 12 and 3.

Players ready...Game start!

Posted by LegendaryNAS, 11:25pm, 3 Nov, 2005

It too much to be a coincidence that a mirror breaking in Barlow's house and a decanter of Rebecca's being stolen in the same 24 hours that her powers go screwy.
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How conVENient

Posted by Rognik, 11:54pm, 3 Nov, 2005

Personally, I think the most suspicious fact is that it too Crystal exactly 3 hours to clean up the glass, which is the period of time where everything significant seemed to have happened.

Ignoring plot devices, here's my run-down on the scenario:

Barlow and Rebecca did not directly steal the decanter, since they were together during the unaccounted time. Also, the detective is rarely guilty of a crime he is hired to investigate.

Crystal has a supposed alibi of cleaning up the broken mirror in the Bean manor. If there is no mirror broken, then something is fishy there.

Annabelle, Alex, Sheriff, Eliza and Turnip are all suspects at this point. They have not accounted for their whereabouts yet, but the investigation has only just started.

We can rule out the matrimonials. Despite whatever motive they might have for wanting the decanter, they wouldn't bother with the film. If Eliza hasn't captured them on film yet, Rebecca's not going to this way. (I only feel I must say this because of The Third Vault plot.)

Thus, what is required to solve this mystery:
1. What is so special about this decanter?
2. Who took the decanter?
3. Why did they take the decanter?
4. At what time did they take the decanter? (Not as significant as the others, but can aid in the investigation.)

Did I miss anything?
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Posted by smjjames, 1:09am, 4 Nov, 2005

well here is the definetion of decant

a decanter is a special bottle used in the pouring of wine (honestly I'm not sure whats so special about a decanter or how they are supposed to work). Rebecca said its not very valuable, which means its ordinary looking, but could have a special property she isn't aware of.

Since we know what a decanter is for, then whoever stole it is aware of the special property if it has one and is going to use it in a special way for some kind of liquid (whether there is a special property or not).

I know Jason was delayed by the technical problems, but are we going to see chapter 2 tomorrow?

I don't think Turnip would do it, for one, I don't think he knows what a decanter is or what its for, he doesn't use money and isn't greedy so I don't think he'd steal a trinket like that.
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Several Wild Guesses

Posted by dalben, 6:04am, 4 Nov, 2005

Obviously it's Rebecca,. She was the first person to discover the crime - always highly suspiscous. How could she know someone was going to steal the decanter unless she was planning on stealing it herself? She has means and opportunity since she could easily have arranged things to look like the decanter was stolen. There is long tradition in detective stories of the criminal actually being the person in charge of the investigation or the supposed victim either of which Rebecca could qualify as. You might say what about motive? Why would she "steal" her own decanter? Well I don't know why she would do that, but she does have a history of manipulating people through complicated scenarios for her own ends as we saw in the first story and the purple chickadee.

The butler did it! -- That would be Annabelle of course , who also has an interest in cameras. How did she steal it while she was with Alex? Well those zombies can sneaky. She could certainly have climbed up to window as we saw in her first appearance she has excellent ninja/acrobatic skills.

It was stolen before the camera was placed, and replaced with a fake decanter. The fake decanter was later destroyed in some way that was easier than stealing it (maybe it dissolved, maybe they shot it from a disance) Even more likely there wasn't even a fake decanter, but rather someone created an image of the decanter using mirrors, lenses, or some other optical trickery. Even worse the decanter was still there, but hidden (as in "The Mayor Misplaced,") but no one realizes this until too late, and it is stolen while everyone is out searching for clues or interrogating suspects. -- When it seems impossible for the object to have been stolen during the time when the crime was supposed to have been committed, it's always a good guess in mystery stories that it wasn't actually stolen then, but merely made to look like it was. This also explains how someone could steal the decanter without opening the door or climbing up to the window. Whether the thief was caught on tape or not the film was still a clue and had to be gotten rid of. Of course since there doesn't really seem to be all that much difficulty in stealing the decanter yet this answer isn't really necessary.

A dread creature, trapped in the mirror by earlier Bean demon hunters and now freed to roam the town working it's evil ways.

A creature so horrible and disgusting it cannot stand to see itself in a mirror or be captured on film.

We'll find out in the next episode that someone just borrowed the decanter but there is a deeper problem to deal with, and who stole the film?

A vampire. They don't like mirrors, can't be captured on film (but would want to hide that fact) can climb walls or possibly even fly (depends which vampire story you're using), and are evil. Of course the crime was committed during the day and while the original Dracula could go out during the day he lost all his powers and vitality when he did so, and most later stories have vampires simply turning to dust when exposed to daylight.
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Posted by dalben, 6:30am, 4 Nov, 2005

I almost forgot: Crystal stole it, and she wasn't cleaning up shards of the mirror but rather shards of the broken decanter.

Posted by vega777, 6:56am, 4 Nov, 2005

My theory is that the decanter was enchanted so that when it was in either that spot on the table or in someones posession they could tell whenever someone told the truth or a lie.

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