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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by Alldogship, 9:13pm, 23 Feb, 2006

So it's over and I hope you all understood why "it" didn't work ;) ;) (see clue #2).

Posted by Alldogship, 9:13pm, 23 Feb, 2006

(oups double post)
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Posted by Kiriai, 9:14pm, 23 Feb, 2006

So I was wrong, there is no actual physical treasure.

Small thought: Didn't Eliza tell the heros how she got into the room once she left it? Does it not count for her because she destroyed things?

Posted by desichild, 9:16pm, 23 Feb, 2006

maybe the spell only starts working once you've actually left the building...or you've experienced the spot with someone else

Posted by Deverien, 1:13am, 24 Feb, 2006

So it was a magical treasure. That's even better than a material one. In my opinion, at least.

You stand corrected

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 12:15am, 27 Feb, 2006

Acctually Eliza only said she MAY have wrecked the wall to get in she didn't say she did.For the spell to work you have to be specific enough for others to unerstand and she didn't go through it step by step.

Posted by rora123, 5:39pm, 27 Feb, 2006

well she had some part in wrecking the building....and frankly despite all her 'looking for knowledge and research' she just got greedy and now no one else can see the 'treasure'
she really is the character i don't like the most...her skepticism gets annoying at times

Posted by imp, 10:26am, 28 Feb, 2006

Since Eliza viewed the sunset with her sledgehammer, does that mean they've fallen in love? It will be a perilous love triangle since the plants will surely be jealous.

Seriously though, there still is a treasure to be found. It's in the valley that the sun sets in from that window, and the globe is the key.

If, when solving the film thing, you choose the comic book, it's a story about a boy who finds a treasure inside a globe.
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Posted by imp, 3:29pm, 29 Jun, 2006

Stumbled across this today:
Camera Obscura is one of the episodes where a killer explains why he wishes he hadn't gotten away with it.

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