The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by rora123, 12:54am, 10 Feb, 2006

how disappointing but a nice message to give the others nonetheless..
im sure barlow wont see it that way....all that trouble

Posted by Kiriai, 1:48am, 10 Feb, 2006

Its not over yet. There is still another chapter. And the globe possibly to be used. And the chair being up in the room that no one was supposed to know about. So there still something going on.

Also, that room was fairly well hidden for something "planned with the hope that this observation window warms the hearts of local residents and visitors alike." So something is not right.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 11:06pm, 10 Feb, 2006

yes eliza definitely planted that plaque... idk what the thing she took from the room was, though... im too tired to think, but its probably not some rare plant that's far too obvious.

OOH OOH! *mental brain flash-burst*
MAYBE, because dr. bean is a photography genius, he found this way to photograph matrimonials, but because matrimonials are pretty much ignored by the scientific community outside spider cliff he dint bother to sell it, but figured it might be of value to someone later, like eliza, worthy researchers. so he hid it, BUT he didn't want just anybody marching into spider cliff, "discovering" the matrimonials, "inventing" the camera, and getting all famous.

so he devised the whole treasure thing, because only beans (and ppl the beans trusted enough to let them borrow the element artifacts) would be able to get to it. (course, he didn't figure they'd be spread out all over town.)

and eliza decided one day to look into dr. bean's research on photographing matrimonials and found out about the treasure. she figures, worst case its money, best case it's the camera. so she finds the place via her old drawings, takes the camera and/or pictures, and skedaddles, leaving a plaque behind. she brought the chair up because... um... i don't know. she didn't tell b+c because a) out of respect for scliff (no reporters swarming around), b) wants to take the credit herself, c) hatred for scliff prevents her from giving credit to its founder and letting her colleagues know her hometown.

Posted by anbusc, 4:22pm, 14 Feb, 2006

Is it possible that the chair is up there so that someone could look out the window in comfort?

Posted by smjjames, 5:03pm, 14 Feb, 2006

it could be possible that the chair has always been up there, for over a century. They should have checked to see how dusty it is because if it is caked with dust, it hasn't been moved or used in a LONG time.

Posted by featheredkitten, 8:25pm, 14 Feb, 2006

but barlow said that it used to be in his house and saw it recently, so it oculdn't have been up there for a long time

Posted by Chaosmage, 4:02pm, 15 Feb, 2006

I suspect the plaque is meant to be there and is actually the next clue, It tells you when you need to use the globe in that room to reveal the treasure
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Posted by desichild, 10:13pm, 15 Feb, 2006

Personally, I just thought it was one of those "personal treasures" things....I don't think there IS a remaining treasure, or at least not one to be found from the four objects.

Of course, the globe hasn't been used yet, so there is still something yet to come...

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 9:09pm, 19 Feb, 2006

Mabye the plaque is in code like Vedalia used in the last story.

Posted by smjjames, 1:03am, 20 Feb, 2006

I think you mean from the Third Vault as there wasn't really anything in code from vedalia. however in the third vault, barlow understood what the code was, so if the plaque was in code he would have noticed.

I think it means what it says because since Dr. Bean is a photographer and would really appreciate a beautiful sunset. however it doesnt make sense that the room meant for everybody would be hidden away, so its probably a clue to something else. and whats up with the couch in there....

Posted by featheredkitten, 4:14pm, 20 Feb, 2006

it might be that you are sopposed to notice something at sunset that can only be seen from that window....and only if you are looking for it. Jsut a thought

Posted by smjjames, 6:52pm, 20 Feb, 2006

yea, but the building has been structurally damaged and might fall down. although why would Eliza use a sledgehammer and we didn't see anything that would suggest the use of one or indications of damage to the building and she could be lying about using a sledgehammer or the structural damage, but her urgency suggests that she isn't lying. its just too uncertain about whats going to happen next and hopefully we will see tonight.

also the chapter title itself suggests that the building is unstable so I think that really is what is going to happen, the building will collapse.
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