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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 7:30pm, 4 Feb, 2006

well, it always seemed to me like a mirror didn't makes sense as a symbol for air at all. but, it would be a very good symbol for the spirit. so maybe, there are five "element" objects, and the air one was lost/forgotten about/hidden/kept a secret by Dr. Bean

Posted by Kiriai, 8:38pm, 4 Feb, 2006

So with two chapters to go, we will quickly find out the uses of the remaining objects. This time crunch makes me think they work together, but they might not. They will probably be in the room in the next chapter, and seeing whats inside would probably help figure out how the other objects are used, but its possible the need for exposition means we find out for sure next time.

You know, they have earth, fire, wind, water. If they start making out, that can represent heart and they'll be able to summon Captian Planet.

But more seriously, though not much, I think Eliza may have already found the treasure. This seems less than plausable, but there is a small bit of evidence that can be mixed for this conclusion. First her behavior is weird, many more trips to town then usual. Second, she used the camera obscura to draw the entire town from every angle. Its possible that she noticed the house with the extra window in some manner. Third she said: "Oh, that's probably more normal than you know. That town is full of useless antiques, and they're not going to accomplish anything collecting that old stuff. Good luck to them, though," when Crystal asked about the artifacts being stolen. This quote implies that she knows what they were used for and that she expected them to change hands. The fact that she said that its not going to accomplish anything means to me that she knows about the treasure. Either what it is or that she obtained it herself.

Posted by desichild, 12:16am, 5 Feb, 2006

Wow...That is some deep thinking right there. I'm in awe of your logic--or at least partially in awe. The other half of my brain can't stop crooning "CAPTAIN PLANET--he's a hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero!"...

Posted by smjjames, 11:15pm, 6 Feb, 2006

Alex and Annabelle didn't mean to commit a crime and just took advantage of the situation. Although I think Rebecca knows alot more than she is giving out. She has been secretive before.

I think Rebecca somehow has knowledge of what is going on, so I wouldn't be too surprised if she appeared in the next chapter. As for whats going on with the sherriff, it seems to the the usual pranking feud between him and Rebecca.

I think Eliza is the guardian of this treasure and so she maybe found it many years ago as a child and discovered it and someone (maybe Barlows Aunt) found out Eliza had done so and she made her guardian. of course though the details is speculation.

also, anybody know what the holes are for? I think they might be drainage to keep the room from flooding when rain gets through the window as it doesn't look like there is even a way to close it.
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Random theory time!

Posted by Kiriai, 11:22pm, 6 Feb, 2006

Ok, another random theory. I don't like being wrong, so I'm going to stick with the clock theory for now, though that may lead to ruin. ;)

My thought is that what is in the next room is Daguerreotype photographs. First, my thought is that there is something tangible in the next room. Eliza says "Oh, you can have that treasure. You can have it all, if you like." This implies that it is not only something tangible, but something she has no use for. So I search for what it is. Assuming that Eliza would not pass up money, it must be something else. As Barlow stated: "Dr. William Bean was a photography enthusiast." Additionally, from Alex's book we know that Dr. Bean's most successful invention was the Daguerreotype. Thus, my thoughts are that the next room houses pictures.

Secondly, I think that the room does not contain the final treasure. As Eliza says "You didn't expect to find the treasure first, did you?" Then when Barlow asks if "the treasure" was in there, Eliza refers to whats in there as "that treasure." This implies to me that there is an additional treasure. And that whats in that room is simply one final riddle to the location.

If there is indeed something in that final room, then only three objects were needed to find that treasure. But the number of objects implies there should be one more obsticle. So I think there is. I think the photographs show places on the globe perhaps. These will point to a clue on the globe, which will point to the clock, which will have the real treasure.

I think the clock is likely because its the other thing Dr. Bean is mentioned as creating. When Rebecca referred to it, she mentioned that it had been working properly without maintence for over a hundred years. When they were exploring the room, thats how long Barlow estimated it had been since people were last in the hidden room. The time frames seem to match.

Thus I think there are photographs which form a final riddle using the globe which points to the clock, housing the treasure.

Posted by smjjames, 11:36pm, 6 Feb, 2006

sounds like a cool theroy.

on a side note and probably irrelevant to the story, anybody know what those holes near the doors are for? I think they might be just for drainage in case of flooding. I'm sure Jason had a plan in his head as far as why those holes are there.

Posted by Kiriai, 12:10am, 7 Feb, 2006

From this chapter:
barlow: You know, I can't really agree with you on this one. Judging by the holes on the floor, I think we might want to wait until we're good and sure that we have the right door.

It appears to me that the holes are part of a trap. Maybe spikes or spears that shoot up when the wrong door is opened?

Posted by wonderles, 10:12am, 7 Feb, 2006

Maybe the "real" treasure is so old it got moldy or has some rare plant form growing on it, and that's what Eliza views as the treasure.

Posted by Alldogship, 11:37am, 7 Feb, 2006

So the mirror, the lamp and the decanter were used. Now only the globe is left. I only hope that it's not one of those globes you can open and put your alchool bottles in it.

Or maybe Eliza thought that she found the treasure but only found a clue leading to a classic "secret switch on the globe that looks like an island".

Posted by smjjames, 11:49am, 7 Feb, 2006

only problem they'd have to drag the globe over there unless Eliza somehow already brought it with her.

Posted by Kiriai, 12:52pm, 7 Feb, 2006

Unless the clue was small enough to carry back to the globe.


Posted by calvinhobbes, 1:46pm, 7 Feb, 2006

I don't know if anyone has thought of this, but is it possible that Eliza moved the treasure?

I think she clearly had an idea that everybody was after the artifacts, and that they were trying to find the treasure. If she really is the guardian, I think she would have moved the treasure to a safer location, one where nobody would have been able to find it.

The treasure she refers to as "that treasure" could be the intangible part of it. (Remember what Dr. Bean said, something like the treasure is all around you. That could also mean the community of spider cliff, as well as the clues. Maybe there were 2 parts - tangible and intangible)

However, I do like Kiriai's clock theory.

Just a couple of thoughts.

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