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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by Kiriai, 11:38pm, 23 Jan, 2006

My best guess is no. The mirror in the slide show has squared edges. The top is rounded. The mirror in Barlow's room is an oval shape. They appear different. I think the mirror is stashed elsewhere.

Posted by Deverien, 9:46am, 24 Jan, 2006

I still think that the antiques are used to make a camera obscura or some other optical device. In that case, they probably don't need the specific mirror in the slide, any mirror would do.

Also, wasn't the antique mirror shot by the sheriff? It was only stated that the Sheriff had overestimated the value of that mirror, not that it wasn't the one in the slide.

Posted by Kiriai, 1:32pm, 24 Jan, 2006

Case of the Camera Obscura... "Chapter 13: What the sheriff saw"

"sheriff: Yes, I guess you ARE on top of things, aren't you? Much better than me. Alas, it occurred to me later that the object in question wasn't exactly the genuine article."

So that seems to imply that it wasn't actually the proper mirror. I still think its possible that the mirror could be a picture of some sort that needs to be developed. And I still think the globe relates to the clock somehow. But I could be entirely incorrect.

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 3:41pm, 3 Feb, 2006

so now it's pretty much we know where the treasure is (since the story doesn't go on for much longer, we can assume barlow and crystal find the treasure in the next chapter or the one after that, and therefore they won't be looking much longer) now the question is, WHAT is the treasure? i'm thinking four elements is a reference to alchemy, possibly indicating an elixir of life/philosopher's stone/something to turn stuff into gold. or a reference to astrology, no idea what that would indicate, or to the Greeks, who invented the "four elements" (again, alchemists and astrologists.)

Posted by featheredkitten, 4:27pm, 3 Feb, 2006

alchemists and astrologists didn't invent the four elements

Posted by smjjames, 5:08pm, 3 Feb, 2006

yea, it was the greeks that developed the idea.

Posted by featheredkitten, 5:11pm, 3 Feb, 2006

they thought that was what everything was made out of....water, fire, earth, air (and spirit of course...)

Posted by don'tmilkpuppies, 7:58pm, 3 Feb, 2006

yes i know but the concept of the four elements is USED in astrology and alchemy. which were both invented by greeks. sorry that post was kind of unclear.

Posted by featheredkitten, 9:33pm, 3 Feb, 2006

ah yes, that's more clear :) i knew the elements were used in astrology but alchemy? that's really interesting......

Posted by Kiriai, 9:56pm, 3 Feb, 2006

Three chapters left according to Jason, so they'll find it soon.

I wonder how the mirror could distort the background image like that but still function like a mirror, with no one noticing the distortion. Guess the chances of the mirror holding a Daguerreotype are much less now. But that strange, why mention that it was what Bean was famous for....

Having only four elements seems strange. It was only the early Greek's who had their system with only four elements. In the later Greek culture, and most after that, there were five elements, with aether being the fifth. Maybe the treasure has to do with this missing element.

Each illuminates the clue in some way. The mirror pointed to the building. Fire lets out light. Water refracts light (and the crack in the decanter probably leaves a nice line on something). The globe doesn't really interact with the light in a similar manner.

It seems for the globe to point to the treasure in some way, it would need to have something else which interacts with it in some way. Judging by the crack on the decanter, I'm still inclinded to think that a light through the decanter in some way leaves a line on the globe.

I have doubts about my clock theory, but its still my best guess at the moment.

But how are Barlow and Crystal going to get all the objects across town without being spotted?

Posted by featheredkitten, 11:34pm, 3 Feb, 2006

how can the mirror still work??? magic

Posted by smjjames, 11:30am, 4 Feb, 2006

it has to be magic of some sort, and that would also explain the illusion of the window. Since Rebecca knows some magic maybe they can have her help them.

As far as the objects, they are supposed to represent elements, the lamp contains fire, the globe represents the Earth which would be literally translated into earth, soil. I thought the decanter would have represented air because thats the only thing it can hold now and the mirror would represent water because water is like a mirror.

since the mirror represented the true reflection of the building. (in fact, its been said that the mirror is a window into the soul, a window into the truth about yourself) This goes into the sherriffs actions, he is afraid of the real truth. So the mirror might be able to reveal the truth about the room. I'm not sure what the other objects do.

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