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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by smjjames, 11:57am, 5 Jan, 2006

unless it was already out of balance and he is trying to correct it, at least in his mind something is out of balance. whatever it was that went out of balance happened before the story started and this is days or weeks after the previous story ended.

Posted by smjjames, 1:55pm, 11 Jan, 2006

I think I have the solution, or at least some good spot on guesses.

I've already sent this to Jason, so its safe to post here:
BOTH Annabelle and the Sherriff are involved in this. Like turnip said, it seems to be such a coincidence that annabelle had the camera aimed at the right spot and at the right time. I think the REAL reason why she took so long is because she was waiting for something, a signal maybe. I think Sherriff was actually talking to annabelle shortly before she took the picture, maybe to tell her the glove was set up. Also, when Barlow talked to Annabelle, she got evasive after he mentioned about the sherriff and when he questioned the sherriff, sherriff got a bit pissed and said that the only crime was Barlows niaiveness, plus he was acting a little evasive. And the final inspiration came from Turnip who said it was hard to bring things into focus, Barlow must have been thinking of the magic lantern show, plus theres alot of references and hints at various things related to optics, the cameras, maybe the sight on Sherriffs rifle, the mirror that was broken, and the magic lantern projector. I have no idea about the decanter however. Theres still the possibility that Annabelle climbed up there and stole the decanter, and bieng dead already, the two story fall wouldn't hurt or kill her.
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Posted by Quarma, 4:06pm, 11 Jan, 2006

That's... I'm a... I'm in so much awe about how thorough your accusation is that I'm practically speechless.

Posted by smjjames, 5:05pm, 11 Jan, 2006

yea, the pieces just fell right into place. its clear that Annabelle and the Sherriff are involved, there is the possibility they independently did some of it, but the setting up of the camera and the glove had to take two people.

I'm still confused about the decanter, but it makes more sense for annabelle to be the thief because nobody could have gone through the alley, so the person that stole it would have to go out the same way they came in, by that window. Plus she is an acrobat so she would know how to land safely, and as I said above, she is already dead. I still don't know what the heck they want the decanter for, maybe for treasure because Sherriff yelled at Barlow when Barlow said that there is no treasure, so apparently Sherriff thinks there IS a treasure and was telling Barlow that he was bieng niaive about the treasure. Annabelle is connected to this because of her century old brain (I know she is a zombie and technically doesn't have much of a brain, but whatever) and the fact that she was helping Alex work on his book and could have found some key info.

Posted by Deverien, 6:32pm, 11 Jan, 2006

That's a good theory, but it still leaves a few questions unexplained.

Also, how long is this story going to be? If it's ending on Friday, I'll need to send in my guess quickly.

Posted by Kiriai, 1:50am, 12 Jan, 2006

Well its certianlly possible that Annabelle and the Sheriff were working together. But I question that theory.

First, it was Turnip and Alex who arranged the plants for the photoshoot (so it was either Turnip and or Alex who pointed the camera at the window). This was done while Annabelle and the Sheriff were getting the gun powder for the flash. This implies to me that it was not Annabelle who chose the angle which shows in the picture. Remember that it was Alex who chose the time and location of the photoshoot that morning.

If the hand were set up for the camera, it was someone other than Turnip. At 12:00, the Sherif and Rebecca would have noticed its presence. At 2:05 it was in the window. It was removed before the film was discovered. Later it was planted in the road. Thus we exclude Crystal, Barlow, and Turnip from this glove business. Since Annabelle and Alex were in the town center, they could not have placed the glove in the window. Thus it must have been placed there by Rebecca, the Sheriff or Eliza. Rebecca was in the Diner with Barlow. Thus it was either Sheriff or Eliza. I would imagine that the glove came from the tool shed, the person getting it startled Crystal out of the shed, and that person planted it on the camera.

If we assume that the only reason that the glove was there was to establish the timeframe of the crime. So it must have been someone who knew the picture was being taken then. However, the REAL question: was the photo intended to provide a motive for the theif? If so, then Alex is involved.

This evidence seems to imply that it was the Sherif who planted the glove. For some reason, I'm not sold on that. The motive isn't very clear.

If Alex was involved (he set up the camera to face the window. It was his idea to take the picture. He rushed Annabelle during the picture) then he would have had to have Annabelle involved, they weren't setting up for the picture at 12, or used a trick to put the hand there.

If Annabelle were involved, she wouldn't have mentioned Alex wanting to rush to finish. Alex would need to be involved, or the stories don't match up.

Eliza could have managed if she knew the photo was being taken. But since she never came into the town square to see that it was being set up with a view of the building, its unlikely she would have the glove setup.

Why was the film taken? Thats another key question. We assume that its for a previously taken picture. It could be the theft of the decanter, but the decanter was gone before the film. It could have been something (or someone) coming out of Rebecca's witchy room. It could have been an act caught on film earlier (perhaps Anabelle and Alex kissing- which could be used to blackmail them).

And how is it connected to the treasure/missing items mystery. There seem to be three players involved. Rebecca seems to be collecting items for the treasure. The sheriff seems to be hunting the items to prevent finding the treasure. And then there is a third party who is collecting but not destroying the treasures with motives that are unclear.

It is possible that the missing items are a publicity stunt for the new book, and thus stolen by Alex (and or Annabelle). Its also possible that Barlow has taken the items and therefore is concerned only about the Camera's film (both unlikely).

The coded note may have been a message from the Sheriff to someone in the alley.

In the last chapter, Annabelle says that she thought the camera was to discover who had been sabotaging Rebecca's witchy stuff. This wasn't the purpose of the camera. Its gets brushed off on the Sheriff, but in fact it was Annabelle and Alex who were in that room!

Annabelle was the one who climbed in and unlocked it! The decanter wasn't actually there. In fact, the entire series of crimes focusing on the treasure are red herrings to distract from the actual motive of having the camera -- to catch who had been using Rebecca's magic room. (Though its entirely possible that there is a treasure. I still think the mirror is the picture and any treasure is in the clock).

But Alex didn't want Crystal going into the magic room. Annabelle knew about it. If there were protective spells on the contents of the room, its possible that one of the spells was to remove someone's eyebrows (hence the picture "incident"). The picture was obviously used as the alibi intentionally. Annabelle could easily hide the pictures because she takes so many.

That doesn't quite fit Barlow's extortion claim. But it does fit the three crime theory. Its a theory at least, probably not correct.

Posted by smjjames, 2:21am, 12 Jan, 2006

while it is a really good theory, but somehow it seems like that doesn't quite explain everything. There are a few bits and pieces that nobody can really answer yet.

Still, having two theories out is better than one, it can get more things confirmed or disconfirmed (not sure what the word I'm looking for here). I wonder if jason is going to post here to respond to the theories.

And do we know how many more chapters there are? I know Barlow is close to a solution, but there are probably at least 5 more chapters to go.

Posted by Hellfire, 1:44pm, 13 Jan, 2006

But what about Eliza? She was edgy about Crystal helping her with the camp and the glove they found looks a hell of a lot like the ones she wears..

Posted by smjjames, 2:55pm, 13 Jan, 2006

well she could have been edgy because her research was scattered and she had them filed the way she wanted them to be, plus that was years of research. so understandably she would be a little edgy because she wanted to make sure things were in the right place.

As for the glove, she NEVER takes off her gloves, or at least she never takes them off during the day or something.

the next chapter should have some good clues in it. I hope.

Posted by Kiriai, 3:40pm, 13 Jan, 2006

But don't forget that some of the papers scattered about were architectural drawing of the town. Drawn with a device sharing the name of the story. So it seems possible that those drawings play an important role, and seem like they would form an important basis for a motive for Eliza. And she previously took the skull back.

Who knows.

Posted by smjjames, 3:48pm, 13 Jan, 2006

actually that guy didn't have all of his remains cremated, his skull was kept (not sure why, sentimental value I guess), besides it was the skull of Elizas grandfather.

Even though she said the drawings were from her childhood or maybe when she was a teenager, we don't actually see the drawings so we don't know how old they really are. There really aren't any answers to that yet, but that piece of the puzzle is still waving out there like a flag.

Posted by Kiriai, 3:55pm, 13 Jan, 2006

Yes, but we know they are of the buildings of the town, drawn with high accuracy. So they could contain the location of all the items in question, or the exact placement of all the antiques in the Bean house before they were moved arround.

But the drawings are on the ground mixed with the other papers. I don't know if you can see anything useful in them, but you can see that she's drawn buildings.

Could anyone else have gone through here papers looking for something?

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