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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by Deverien, 12:21am, 20 Dec, 2005

To deceive people into thinking someone else stole her film, thereby putting her above their suspicion.

Posted by smjjames, 11:18am, 20 Dec, 2005

yea, Eliza's alibi for that day can't be accounted by someone else at that time. If she had to borrow the film because she forgot she had something on it or she accidentially put film in from the camera she used the previous night.

As for setting the time to what it really is, all we'd have to do is ask eliza because in The Wednesday That Wasn't, she noticed the discrepancy in the day and when the sun was supposed to rise. Although I'm not sure if she can do it during the day by the shadows because as we all know, the sun varies in its position a bit over the year, so she would have to do it at dawn or dusk.

Posted by paper_dolls, 2:51am, 21 Dec, 2005

Deverien, what I'm arguing is that the film was NOT stolen at 2:05; that the padded glove (which is CONVIENENTLY all we can see) was set up there to make people THINK the film was stolen at that time.

Which makes everyone's alibi for that exact time worthless.

Of course, just about everyone has alibis for the rest of the day, which still makes Eliza a wildcard, but....

Posted by vega777, 2:06pm, 24 Dec, 2005

It might've been stolen erlier and the hand put there to make it look later...

Posted by Deverien, 1:22am, 4 Jan, 2006

Well looky, looky. Both paper_dolls and vega777 were right.

I have a pretty strong idea of who the decanter thief is, but my theory for their motive isn't quite as solid.

Posted by smjjames, 2:48am, 4 Jan, 2006

what if the decanter was really an illusion? remember the Camera Obscura title, it could be a projection of some kind. Everybody saw it, but nobody seems to have been close enough to see it in detail or actually touch it. Even though Turnip did look through the keyhole, he may not have seen clearly what it was, and he has no idea what a decanter is anyway.

As for the decanter dissapearing at noon, thats easy to explain, the movement of the sun or some other mechanism made it so that the projection no longer appeared.

Also, I think the stolen lamp has to do with it as it could be used to create the illusion.

Posted by smjjames, 2:51am, 4 Jan, 2006

Although Jason did do an illusion trick earlier, it was a simple mirror reflection trick, this would be a more complicated projection type illusion.

Also, I only found 3 clues, Sherriff admitting to spiking the coffee, his bieng there at noon, and Rebecca bieng in the other room at noon and bieng pleased that the decanter was gone.

I'll try again in the morning with a fresh mind as its almost midnight PST here.
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Posted by featheredkitten, 3:57am, 4 Jan, 2006

ooohh james, you're going to love the last two clues....kinda make you go "huh"

Posted by smjjames, 10:18am, 4 Jan, 2006

the clue about Crystal examining the shards could partly explain why she took longer than usual, because she was trying to piece them together to see how it broke. that and the embarrassing incident.

I wonder if the something he saw was the decanter illusion dissapearing,

I don't think the decanter was ever really there and it was never really stolen.

and yea the last two clues make you go 'huh'. Whats with the sherriff blasting the mirror (only later to find out it wasnt what he was looking for) and what did he really see?

All the things about light, mirrors, and the projector makes me think this is another elaborate trick.
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Posted by rora123, 7:27pm, 4 Jan, 2006

but if it were an illusion the sheriff wouldnt be able to do what he did to the mirror....and why make a illusion?...rebecca herself was smiling because it was gone....she already stated earlier that she put the decanter there to catch the thief

Posted by smjjames, 12:13am, 5 Jan, 2006

I meant the decanter was an illusion not the mirror (which the sherriff seems to have mistaken for the real antique).

Still, it puts a crimp in Rebeccas statements from the start, if she lied about the decanter bieng there at noon, then what else has she said that is also a lie and what isn't a lie.

It's still iffy what the sherriff was doing on the roof and what exactly he saw. which couldn't have been more than 10 minutes to get from the roof to that room. And how do we know the sherriff didn't plant the glove there himself? he'd take any chance he can to get at Turnip and he didn't seem to care if it was a red herring and we all know how he takes any opportunity to get at Turnip or other paper mammals.

Posted by i8hack, 7:00am, 5 Jan, 2006

The sheriff put the vine in the coffee knowing that Rebecca would lose her witching powers. Then we discover that he shot the mirror with his air rifle and was trying to shoot the decanter to bring things back to balance. The question is, with the sheriff being all Eastern philosophy, why would he knock things out of balance to begin with?

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