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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by vega777, 1:20pm, 14 Dec, 2005

What if Alex doesn't want them to find it 'cause then his book would be flawed and no one would buy it?

Posted by Deverien, 7:33pm, 14 Dec, 2005

I don't think so. It wouldn't be too hard to make a few edits here and there, and describing the mystery of the treasure might actually improve the book's content.

Posted by Kiriai, 7:39pm, 14 Dec, 2005

Unless the treasure is something evil/bad and he found this out and doesn't want others to find it for their safety.

Or he wants it for himself.

Posted by featheredkitten, 11:51pm, 14 Dec, 2005

Kiriai you're forgetting Alex's Basic nature here, he hates anything evil so i can't be something evil that he wants for himself

Posted by Kiriai, 12:02am, 15 Dec, 2005

I wasn't suggesting that he wants an evil thing. I was thinking that Alex could be motivated to oppose getting the treasure if he found out it was evil.

Or he could be motivated to try and obtain it if he found out that it was something of historical significance.

Posted by featheredkitten, 6:13pm, 15 Dec, 2005

ahhhhhhh the two things aren't mutually exclusive....sorry Kiriai

Posted by dalben, 1:17am, 17 Dec, 2005

The person with the most airtight alibi is the culprit, eh? Perhaps the gloved hand in the picture was not removing the film, but establishing a (false) time of removal so that the culprit would have an alibi then.

Posted by Rognik, 5:39am, 17 Dec, 2005

So it seems that Rebecca didn't intentionally choose to lose her powers, huh? Well, I think I know who manipulated that one. Still leaves a few unknowns around, though...

Posted by paper_dolls, 8:24am, 17 Dec, 2005

Ya, the padded glove makes a bit of sense.... I'm reminded of the bridge-cutting trap from the first chapter!!

Of course, if the glove is being used to establish a false time frame... I think that brings us down to three suspects for setting that up: Annabelle, Alex, and the Sheriff. I can't remember exactly, but I think they all had an opportunity to get the camera at an angle that would capture the incriminating photo...

And I'm still suspicious about the film being taken to cover up the decanter, although the decanter's obviously important. On the other hand, Bartlow's probably right about "Simple is best", so....

ARG!!! Me all confused!!

Great work, Jason!!! ^-^

Posted by vega777, 10:03am, 18 Dec, 2005

Was the film really taken at that time? It could have been put there to look like it was taking the film and then whoever put it there really took it later...or earlier...and put the feathered mullberry(from Sheriff's list!) in the coffee pot so Rebecca couldn't tell who's lying or try to use her magic to do anything to stop him/them. She might've even thought her powers went before they actually did because the bad taste of the coffee to her knowledge could've been the beans turning back into cockroaches....
The Sheriff knew when Alex was taking his picture....
...I really should read all the recent posts before posting....
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Posted by Deverien, 5:38pm, 19 Dec, 2005

Almost everyone in town had an alibi for their whereabouts at 2:05.

Annabelle was with Alex
Sheriff was with Barlow and Rebecca
Turnip saw Crystal

Eliza is the only wildcard.

Posted by featheredkitten, 8:36pm, 19 Dec, 2005

but why would she steal her own film?

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