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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by Deverien, 2:26pm, 11 Dec, 2005

Quote by Kirial:
"a globe is broken into minutes and seconds. The treasure is in the clock, and can only be found when the clock is at a specific time."

Holy crap, I think you've got it dead on! I forgot that Dr. Bean was the person who built the clock tower. Good job.

Posted by meserene, 2:29pm, 11 Dec, 2005

Ohhhhhh. Now I get it. Wow, that's brilliant! Nice work , Kirial!

Posted by smjjames, 2:44pm, 11 Dec, 2005

yea, that has to be the answer to all this. only thing is, what time would it be that the treasure shows up? One way would be to do shifts of people over 24 hours, but that has problems in the way of who to trust and how do we know they didn't miss the revealing of the treasure.

It wouldn't be midnight or noon as that would be too obvious.

although the theory of reflecting light gives me an idea. maybe at a certain time of day, the sunlight shines through a gap or through a window and hits a mirror or highlights a 'door' or something. Although the angle of the sunlight would vary through the year, unless its something that is triggered by the clock itself that lets light through.

Posted by featheredkitten, 8:36pm, 12 Dec, 2005

the male equivalent of a witch is a witch BTW, and maybe something shifts in the clock tower and points a direction or soemthing, something that you would miss unless you were looking for it...................

oh and i think Alex douth protest to much about annabell

Posted by i8hack, 7:05am, 13 Dec, 2005

I thought a male witch was called a warlock.

Here a thought, going with the whole light on a mirror, through the decanter to a point on the globe corresponding to the clock. It makes no difference what time of day it is because the oil lamp would still reflect off the lamp in the dark of night. Also, Kirial, I think if this theory is true then there needs to be a clue as to how the globe should be positioned to get the correct h/m/s.

Ever since the first story I've said the Alex is the mastermind behind things. Mainly because it just feels right. So, not breaking trend, I think Alex came across some sort of secret on how to use the antiques to find the treasure or Annabelle, through their time together, inadvertantly gave Alex a clue as to how to use them and he stole them to find the treasure.

Posted by Alldogship, 10:13am, 13 Dec, 2005

Mmmm... there are still things bothering me. smjjames talked about the angle of the sun and I remembered that in a previous chapter (I think it was in the wednesday that wasn't) Rebecca couldn't always contact/talk dead spirits because there has to be specific astral alignment or something. Maybe that's why Rebecca and the Sherif are acting strangely (and maybe with different goals).

Also you are forgetting that maybe that something similar to a "camera obscura" is used at a specific "point" in the stolen objects puzzle.

And just maybe someone doesn't want the treasure discovered and destroyed the mirror (with the resulting lost eyebrows or lost powers or something).

Sorry if I might have said something that was already said. I only read the last 5 pages of the topic.

Male Witch

Posted by wonderles, 10:45am, 13 Dec, 2005

Or isn't a male witch a wizard? Iono.

Posted by smjjames, 12:36pm, 13 Dec, 2005

or you could call them Sorcerers. Doesn't really matter that much.

Also, in the previous story in the chapter called 'the oracle' or something, Rebecca said that things had to be aligned right for Barlow to do the Oracle thing. So clearly there is a set of patterns that defines how magic works in Spidercliff, I think we will see some more of this with the 'Camera Obscura.'

I can't wait for the next chapter, it should have some important clues in it.

Posted by featheredkitten, 3:13pm, 13 Dec, 2005

no a male witch is a witch, a warlock is someone who betrayed their coven and sorcerers and wizards are make-believe......

and Alex can't be masterminding it, he said he proved in his book that the treasure is not real and that it obviously was that spider cliff was so great, yada ydad you think maybe it's all to promote Alex's book? maybe when they find the "treasure" it will end up being some sort of coupon saying "congratulations you've won a free copy of Alex's new book! etc." that woul dbe funny

Posted by Kiriai, 6:32pm, 13 Dec, 2005

For the globe theory, it would need to be latitude giving the time, because then the orientation wouldn't matter.

The camera obscura was used by Eliza to map out the buildings when she was a child, probably including the Bean house. Its theft will allow the precise replacement of all the objects.

So whats left is: What is the treasure? Who wants the treasure?

Wonder if the Sherif's code is a key to understanding that part. I'm still having no luck with it.

Posted by smjjames, 6:36pm, 13 Dec, 2005

The sherriffs code may be a red herring here, it could just be a simple list of plants.

Posted by meserene, 7:24pm, 13 Dec, 2005

If the sheriff's code was just a list jasonblue wouldn't go through the trouble of writing everything out. It has to mean something. Those were some pretty intense made-up plant names.

As for the time of day not mattering, I think it still will- it negates the oil lamp, but the Bean Mansion parlor windows probably have some flaw that focuses a single beam at a certain time.

Wouldn't the date matter? It would complicate things, but as for the position of the sun, it changes a little season to season.

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