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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 7:25pm, 30 Nov, 2005

And I think Rebbeca is the one who stole the globe.

Posted by smjjames, 7:43pm, 30 Nov, 2005

yea its starting to look like Rebecca is manipulating the whole thing. It's likely she is hiding her intents or hiding something about the Decanter. We know she stole the antique lamp.

I see another trend here, theres a trend of antique objects, the antique camera Annabelle used, the old artillery shells (which probably are only in the story because of the flashpowder and nothing else), an antique globe, and then the decanter which is 50 or more years old because it belonged to Vedalia.

Posted by dalben, 8:44pm, 30 Nov, 2005

Why does the Sherriff think the reason that Rebecca lost her powers is obvious?
Well, we know that her powers require her to always tell the truth (in addition to being able to detect lies). Maybe it's not that the loss of her powers now allows her to lie, but rather that her lying caused her to lose her powers. As for her not knowing what caused her to lose her powers it's very likely that she's lying about that.
In addition we have some evidence that the loss of her decanter has nothing to do with the loss of her powers, because she was able to lie about Turnp to the sherrif last night .

Posted by Deverien, 11:15pm, 30 Nov, 2005

Quote by featheredkitten:

"they've never punished the sherriff for trying to kill seems like everyone ignored what the sherriff was doing"

Actually, the Sheriff DID receive his 'punishment'. He got one of those justice fortunes from Madame Turing, and it said that he had to do community service by planting a GARDEN in town.

Well, that's a bit of continuity there for ya.

Posted by featheredkitten, 11:35pm, 30 Nov, 2005

really? hmmmmm i think i missed that, deverien, but if that's the deal, then how come hes still trying to mess with turnip, hence his hunting the marsh the night before, because turnip was "wounded"

Posted by Manar, 5:14pm, 1 Dec, 2005

Perhaps he thought that the service was done and he was free to hunt again now when the garden was done and aperently balanced (whatever that means). Or maybe he just lied about beeing out hunting in the swamp.

Posted by smjjames, 5:24pm, 1 Dec, 2005

Eliza said she saw him in the swamp at about 11 PM to 1 AM. I doubt two people would ;lie about the exact same thing unless Sherriff and Eliza are collaborating, but considering thier different views (Eliza is against hunting, Sherriff wants to hunt them), its highly unlikely they'd collaborate.

Posted by Deverien, 9:12pm, 1 Dec, 2005

Quote by Manar:
"Perhaps he thought that the service was done and he was free to hunt again "

Nah, he's just a repeat-offender.

Posted by featheredkitten, 12:35pm, 2 Dec, 2005

lol.........seriously though i don't remember the sheriff getting a judgement......but then my memory's bad sometimes....actually. wait a tic, was that in story two?

Posted by Kiriai, 2:25pm, 2 Dec, 2005

Yes, at the beginning. But I think it was not for hunting Turnip so much as cutting the bridge early, trying to commit genocide, and attempting to kill Crystal...

i think im starting to get it

Posted by rora123, 5:31am, 3 Dec, 2005

so crystal and rebecca pretty much knows what is going on..........i know a lot you all like barlow but sometimes his ignorance and lack of whats going on gets annoying after awhile....jason when will he be able to think of what happened himself?

OK!i think i get it....since rebecca noticed earlier in the game that someone was stealing things around town so she set up the whole scenario with the decanter and then set up the camera to catch the thief in the act.
we already know that rebecca knows that crystal knew that she herself took the lantern from the sheriff's house (for what purpose?i dont know) but that she is still on the right track
though i still dont know why rebecca lost her powers though i guess trying to keep everyone busy is her way of trying to keep the thief at bay
-and who was going into the toolshed when crystal was changing is it of some significance?
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Posted by rora123, 11:49pm, 4 Dec, 2005

the sheriff souldnt possibly have been with rebecca after the show because soon after he went hunting the paper mammals

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