The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by Kiriai, 2:34pm, 28 Nov, 2005

Why should Turnip be punished. Since the Sherif tries to kill his species, it seems like self defense is warrented.

Posted by featheredkitten, 3:15pm, 28 Nov, 2005

that's what i think and they've never punished the sherriff for trying to kill seems like everyone ignored what the sherriff was doing and now because turnip tried to a little self defense all of a sudden it's a bad thing...........well being the sherriff doens't make you except from the law

Posted by smjjames, 4:37pm, 28 Nov, 2005

well thats a point there.

actually I think rebecca said that he would have to be turned in because he is a suspect in the thefts, and not for wanting to harm the sherriff as I thought.

As for that list of plants, its possible that it's nothing more than a list of things they were going to do as Rebecca said the Sherriff does most of the gardening around town.

still, it was marked as a clue so we my not know the significance of it until later.

Posted by i8hack, 6:58am, 29 Nov, 2005

Plus, Rebecca might be looking out for Turnip and she knows that if he's behind bars and safe he might not incite a riot with the other paper mammals and no one gets hurt in the long run.

i feel validated

Posted by featheredkitten, 1:41am, 30 Nov, 2005

HA crystal agrees with Kiriai and me

Posted by rora123, 2:44am, 30 Nov, 2005

i wonder why someone would take the antique of the sheriff knows much more than hes telling and of course he wont say anything he just to keep turnip locked up....cant they just get along? =0P

Posted by Kiriai, 8:06am, 30 Nov, 2005

Antique globe, Antique Lantern. And the decanter seems like it could be relatively old. Perhaps some random objects are going to combine to solve a problem. Like finding a treasure.

Posted by smjjames, 9:36am, 30 Nov, 2005

and it looks like Turnip was the one who went through Eliza's camp.

As far as Rebecca telling the sherriff the hot tip, I bet she knew of the plot and did that to make sure he wouldn't get hurt.

What did the sherriff mean by that the reason she lost her powers is obvious? He could be doing one of his philosophical statements or he was bieng sarcastic.

Crystal seemed a bit embarassed when Turnip was trying to get her to tell what she was doing in the bushes.

Posted by Kiriai, 9:50am, 30 Nov, 2005

Rebecca gave him the hot tip so she could get into his house at night and steal the lantern.

Posted by featheredkitten, 12:52pm, 30 Nov, 2005


Posted by featheredkitten, 12:53pm, 30 Nov, 2005

and maybe the reason the sheriff said that it;s obvious why she lost her powers is because....dum dum dum.........she HASN'T

Posted by Barlow&Crystal, 7:21pm, 30 Nov, 2005

I think Crystal was um.... uh... taking care of her personal buissness. She was nude!!!!
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