The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by momof2hbos, 10:11pm, 23 Nov, 2005

ok well we know that the window was open and they siad something to the effect of an acrobat but what if its a new "person" in spidercliff? you know the zombies were circus people...what if another zombie enters the scene and was the one who trashed Elizas camp and also took the decanter? just an idea

Posted by smjjames, 1:49pm, 24 Nov, 2005

I've been able to find 2 clues, but can't find the third, I'm guessing the pathway has to do with the decanter.

Posted by featheredkitten, 6:57pm, 25 Nov, 2005

arghhhhh i found the one about the keyhole but i can;t find the other two clues, i;ve been trying thhis since wednesday......i guess i'm just not very good at's driving me nuts though


Posted by bethabigail, 9:14pm, 25 Nov, 2005

Jason's new studio post put some ideas to shame! If you haven't checked the studio yet, take a look. Half carnie half demon hunter.. HAH!
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Posted by smjjames, 9:52pm, 25 Nov, 2005

there isn't anything suggesting he is half carnie or whatever. Although it could partly explain how turnip came into the picture, they probably knew each other since they were very young.

Posted by rora123, 2:29am, 26 Nov, 2005

yeah bethabigail where did you get the half carnie and half demon theory...that wasnt suggested...just because he grew up in the woods? he was raised by the paper mammals

but it does suggest that someone had to have given birth to him so who actually did?
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a lot oof things going on

Posted by featheredkitten, 6:35pm, 26 Nov, 2005

anyone else noticed that a lot of things seem to be going on with the sheriff? (i just went back through the other chapters for this story) the blow gun when annabell got her flashpowder..the list...and in this latest one (number 7) when he walks in at the end he says "ah i see everyone is convening for...." plus rebecca taking the lamp from his's all very suspious. i think more is going on in spider cliff then we realize

Posted by smjjames, 9:03pm, 27 Nov, 2005

yea, and The Sherriff probably has some central role in this, whether he realizes it or not.

and everything thats been stolen (so far its the decanter, the film, the lamp from Sherriff's house, and theres still something suspicious about the broken mirror)

I bet something else will go missing in the upcoming chapter.

Posted by featheredkitten, 12:45am, 28 Nov, 2005

yeah probably, and i still want to know what was in the picture Eliza took (not sure if that's a clue in chapter 7 or not) i'll bet it's something important

Posted by smjjames, 11:57am, 28 Nov, 2005

we already know part of what was in the picture, she was taking a pic of the paper mammal gathering, but maybe there was something that she couldn't see very well but the camera was able to see, possibly something incriminating.

Even if he didn't take the film or the decanter, its still appropriate to punish him for wanting to harm the sherriff (I don't think he was intending to kill the Sherriff, just beat him up or something) although he was pretty upset about it.

Turnip is bieng so adamant about not knowing what a decanter is that I think he is telling the truth about it.

Posted by wonderles, 1:41pm, 28 Nov, 2005

But isn't it ironic that while they went to go harm the sheriff, he was out hunting paper mammals? They both just want to eliminate the other.

Posted by featheredkitten, 1:54pm, 28 Nov, 2005

yeah i that we know what the picture is of, but lke you said there could be something in the picture that we don't know about yet....or HA it could be that in the corner of it is the key to how the matermonials move....LOL sorry but bored

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