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Story 7: Case of the Camera Obscura

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Posted by venusEnvy, 4:53pm, 21 Nov, 2005

(Wondering if a mirror trick caused the clock in the photo to read 2:05 instead of 10:55)
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Posted by smjjames, 5:13pm, 21 Nov, 2005

yea, both sides were really secretive and paranoid (the russians seemed even more paranoid than the US did, but it probably comes out to about the same on both sides)

What she intended to take a picture of is pivotal to this story, meaning its one of the main links to the solution.

As far as a mirror trick causing the photo to be a mirror image (a flip flop image), I think daughterrotypes are basically a mirror image and whats on the left side is really on the right side. at least thats what I heard or read somewhere. Someone who knows more about photography around the turn of the century may know more. We do know Annabelle is a photography expert, but I kinda get the hint that this special type is one she hasn't done in a while, so she may have forgotten about the mirror effect.

Posted by Deverien, 2:30pm, 22 Nov, 2005

The 2:05 -> 10:55 thing also occurred to me, but I don't think that happened. If you look in Annabelle's flashback, you'll notice that Alex's hand (the one at his waist) is on the correct side as it was in the photo.

And you can't see any plants on Alex's left side in the flashback, which means they must have been on his right side (like they appeared in the photo).

Unless of course Annabelle's whole flashback was a lie, though I don't know why that would be, since only we (the audience) are the ones who saw it, while the other characters didn't.

It would also mean that Rebecca was lying, since she said the decanter was there at 12:00p.

Posted by venusEnvy, 5:34pm, 22 Nov, 2005

LOL, I don't suppose Jason would reuse the mirror trick anyhow!

But as for a character lying, didn't he say that might be the case? I'd have to go back and look, but I think that was mentioned. Hmm . . .

Posted by smjjames, 6:17pm, 22 Nov, 2005

I meant mirroring as an effect of the photographic film making process. but deverien is right, if it really was a mirror effect, other things would have been affected too in the pic.

Jason said earlier: "EVERYONE (except our heroes) is lying about something, and Barlow and Crystal have to sort out who is lying about what and why."

So Crystal is probably not lying and in fact may have been fooled by the clock adjustment and was so busy it felt like 3 hours, when at most it would probably only take an hour or so, depending on how big the mirror was and all. I have a small theory here, someone or something altered the clock forward (earlier in the day) so that people thought it was noon when it was actually maybe 11 AM or 10 AM, then before they stole the decanter and then switched the clock forward later on. There is a very important piece of info we need... how long does it take to walk from the clock tower to rebeccas house? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?
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Posted by smjjames, 6:39pm, 22 Nov, 2005

Still, we could be 'barking up the wrong tree' with the messing with the clocktower theory.

Posted by rora123, 1:18am, 23 Nov, 2005

wow poor turnip....but i guess you cant under estimate those lil guys

but who would have access to rebecca's room without the key?...alex probably would,but now we have a better timeline of the crime if turnip is really telling the truth and couldnt get in

Posted by smjjames, 1:54am, 23 Nov, 2005

did you guys notice something about the room where the decanter was in?.... the open window above the door looks big enough for a paper mammal to get through.

I can only find one clue so far.

Posted by rora123, 1:59am, 23 Nov, 2005

well he said he only looked through the key hole...and the room the decanter was in was rebeccas and he said he couldnt get in...i dont know i guess i believe him....
and he had to go back around to get to the other building where the camera was located

and for the clues you need to tell turnip that he went to rebeccas house and then that he looked through the keyhole....and you get the second clue but i cant find the third

Posted by smjjames, 2:17am, 23 Nov, 2005

yea, I found those two clues and can't find the third one....

Even though Barlow knew Rebecca's powers are broken atm, Turnip doesn't know so he said she can tell who is lying (even though rebecca started to correct him, but stopped or got interrupted). So Barlow really made Turnip sweat with the questioning. I was almost imagining him with the cartoonish sweatdrop down his head lol, he was acting that nervous.

He was adamant enough about it that he is probably innocent, and as far as the decanter, he is probably telling the truth about it cause Crystal asked about it. So even if he saw it, he wouldn't know what it was.

As far as the timeline stuff, I don't think jason would make us really confused about it to introduce someone moving the clocktower's clock face around because so many clues have to do with the timeline. Right now the fact that crystal took 3 hours to clean it up seems wierd, unless there was something else going on or she made up some of the time to cover for slacking off for an hour or two.

Posted by Kiriai, 3:12am, 23 Nov, 2005

Crystal was in the graveyard. It was when Turnip went arround the house. But the first or second time he went arround? If it was the first it was about 10:30 or so, not conflicting with the cleaning of the mirror. If it was the second time he visited, then Crystal was not being entirely truthful.

I wonder if this completely seperates Turnip from the mystery. If his only crime was plotting agianst the sherif, and he didn't take the camera, and ransacked Eliza's camp, then we are back to where we were before we found out about Eliza's camp (and the info on Crystal).

The other tidbit of information is the door to the room where the decanter is held being locked. There was a clue about acrobats going in the top section, which could mean Anabelle. Crystal's powers also could have let her in. Others could have picked the lock I guess.

Also, if the Sherif's note was a code, who was it too? Was it to himself to help remember some important piece of information? Was it to someone else? Instructions? Or asking for help?

Posted by Schnerples, 12:14pm, 23 Nov, 2005

The third clue provides a lot of new evidence

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