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The Fan Art Thread!

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The Fan Art Thread!

Posted by Deverien, 2:42pm, 28 Oct, 2005

I figured we ought to have a discussion thread for people to comment on the various items in the fan art gallery.

Personally, I've got to give props to vega777 for those "d'awww"-inducing portraits of Annabelle and Crystal.

Posted by hookman, 5:31pm, 28 Oct, 2005

yeah vegas drawings are brilliant and that origami paper mammal was funny as well

Posted by vega777, 5:41pm, 29 Oct, 2005

Awww, thanks guys!!! ^_^

Posted by corchen, 4:24pm, 10 Nov, 2005

new piece of art coming soon - let me know if it sucks.

Posted by Deverien, 8:03pm, 10 Nov, 2005

It doesn't suck. Now do Crystal!
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Posted by kefanii, 8:44pm, 10 Nov, 2005

Hey Corchen, your Annabelle really rocks.

Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 4:25am, 11 Nov, 2005

okay, one Crystal coming up - I'll also try and get the file size down without screwing the lines up - the high res version of Annabelle has a nice, smooth outline, honest!

Posted by corchen, 4:25am, 11 Nov, 2005

that would have worked beter if I'd been signed in. . .

Posted by vega777, 10:52am, 11 Nov, 2005

corchen, your drawing rocks out loud!!!

Posted by vivacity, 10:53pm, 11 Nov, 2005

The origami is kickin'. I submitted something of my own (not origami, I'm a complete klutz, paper-wise), but it might be too big. I think it's juuust under the 750 limit. *crosses fingers* Feedback welcome, if it gets there.

Posted by Deverien, 11:20pm, 11 Nov, 2005

Hey, that's pretty good. Uh, maybe I'm a fool, but what is the significance of factor 64?

Posted by Rognik, 12:00am, 12 Nov, 2005

64 is 2 to the 6th power? It is multiplying pi, after all. ;)

Vivacity, what is that being pointed to the pie, actually? It looks like a leaf, but it could be something else.

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