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Posted by featheredkitten, 12:32am, 3 Dec, 2005

have the found the one at the end? the one about the sheriff? if you haven't, click on "I can remove you from this case" at the very very end

6.15 cluefinding

Posted by Rognik, 2:05pm, 3 Dec, 2005

paper_dolls, the important thing to in that chapter is find all the clues yourself, in you know what I mean. You're playing as Barlow, and he has to pick out all the clues in order to get the right ending. If Crystal gets one clue, or if Barlow goes down the wrong path, victory will be snatched away from you.

In other words, I was wrong earlier in this thread in that a statement can take you completely off-track.

Posted by jasonblue, 7:43pm, 6 Dec, 2005


You no longer need to post spoilers and solutions in this thread (although you can request them here if you like)

Announcing the new CHAPTER THREAD feature!...
You can now attach threads directly to chapters on the Chapter Listing page. These threads can only be read and written by logged users. I will be tweaking this feature quite a bit for the next few days, and ultimately you will be able to pull up threads directly while reading a chapter at the same time!

a little help would be great....

Posted by shannieban, 11:57pm, 20 Dec, 2005

i am still needing major help with "the oracle" and "inflationary pressures" if anyone has a hint i would LOVE It

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