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Posted by Rognik, 5:13pm, 9 Oct, 2005

One thing I've noticed is that erronious discussions will never let you skip a clue, so long as it returns you to the previous list of options. Most of the white options don't skip over other choices, but sometimes they do. So it narrows down the search a little bit.

Speaking of searches, I'm having trouble on The Old Maid chapter of The Third Vault. I can find three easily, but the fourth seems pretty hidden. Any hints?

Some Advice

Posted by elemental, 4:25pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Sometimes it helps to just stick with one idea of thought. Try going through with the "meanest" personality. If you don't get all the clues with that, try the opposite. The other thing I do if I'm paticularly stumped is writing down the choices and marking the ones that bring clues.

Posted by paper_dolls, 3:29pm, 29 Nov, 2005

So, how DO you get that last clue in chapter 24 of The Wednesday that Wasn't????? *whimpers* I know how to get the one about the Sheriff, but I've done every other option and I can't seem to get any other options!

Um, well, you know what I mean....

Nevermind, I actually READ through the second page here. LOL
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Posted by featheredkitten, 1:45am, 30 Nov, 2005

found all the clues for the new chapter, so if anyone needs help...although it's a short chapter so......

Posted by smjjames, 9:20am, 30 Nov, 2005

found 4 of them, can't find the 5th atm.

Posted by featheredkitten, 12:54pm, 30 Nov, 2005

which four have you found? two are kind of together.....

Posted by smjjames, 12:58pm, 30 Nov, 2005

I forget, I found about the antique globe and I know thats a clue. I'll have to go back and see what clues I found.

Posted by smjjames, 1:15pm, 30 Nov, 2005

these are the clues I found:

sheriff: Nobody respects my goals. All I do is try to keep everything in balance, the good and the bad. If the balance is upset and I can't add anything to make up for it, I'll have to take things away until the problem is fixed.

sheriff: Sure... like, just this morning Alex told me that an antique globe disappeared from the town archives. I went missing sometime last night, apparently.

crystal: What have you been doing today?
sheriff: Oh, everybody's been keeping me busy today...
sheriff: I got up around seven o'clock, I cleaned some of my guns. I went to the diner at nine thirty this morning, and Rebecca promptly burdened me with a bunch of gardening tasks.
sheriff: I was busy with those tasks from the time I left the diner until about two o'clock this afternoon... except for one hour where I helping Alex and Annabelle get ready for their photo shoot.
crystal: Yeah, you helped Alex find a top hat and Annabelle make some flash powder.
sheriff: Ah, so you've been doing your homework. Of course I also saw you around one o'clock, when you were cleaning up that broken glass.
sheriff: And that pretty much accounts for my day. (not sure if its just the last statement or the whole paragraph thats the clue as the clue notice came up at the last statement)

sheriff: So you've notice, too, huh? It seems that everyone is telling lies today, including myself. I guess we're all doing it because we can get away with it. (this is one of the end statements.

So basically I found 4 clues. there doesn't seem to be any path I need to take to find the 5th one.
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Posted by rora123, 6:56pm, 30 Nov, 2005

you'll find the clues in these dialogues:

'you're not going to let anything happen to turnip are you?'

and click that he cant stop her from investigating and then:

'ask what the sheriff was doing that day'

"who he REALLY thinks stole the decanter'

'where the sheriif was if he wasnt at his house'

'and if everyone just told the truth

Posted by smjjames, 7:18pm, 30 Nov, 2005

there we go, and thanks.

McGuffin/Greenest Clue

Posted by paper_dolls, 11:48pm, 1 Dec, 2005

This is for Chapter 6.15 - I can find 4/5 of the clues. I don't think it's been mentioned yet in the two cluefinders... But I'm getting frustrated, especially since at least two clues you get no matter WHAT option you pick, making it hard to keep track of what questions are important...

Congrats, Jason, btw!

Posted by smjjames, 12:10am, 3 Dec, 2005

I can't find the 4th clue in this latest chapter, I seem to have tried all the different routes.

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