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Posted by MegumiChan06, 6:27pm, 19 Aug, 2005

I noticed that sometimes it's really hard to find the clues, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread to help people find the clues.

Posted by manigen, 6:34pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Good idea. Lately the clues have been getting much trickier to find, with an apparently innocuous choice at the begining of a conversation affecting your options much later on. The latest chapter (friday 18th) has a prime example of that.
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Posted by smjjames, 8:07pm, 24 Aug, 2005

has anybody been able to find the 4th clue in the old maid chapter? I'm trying to go through the chapters and refresh my mind on the clues.

nm, found it
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Posted by Serpens, 11:29am, 30 Aug, 2005

I'm having trouble with Chatper 5.4 "Inflationary Pressures." No matter what I do, I can only get 2/3 clues! I've said absolutely everything in the conversations. Is this a bug, or is there some trick to it, like having to *not* say a specific thing at one of the conversation branches? If so, I'd like someone to tell me that there *is* a trick, but not wwhat it is, and I'll try to think outside the box and get it on my own, I just need to know that I should be looking for something different this time.

I've gotten all clues in all chapters up to this point, and I refuse to read the next chapter until I get them all in this one! ;D

Posted by smjjames, 11:35am, 30 Aug, 2005

I also had trouble getting the third clue, but the key here is to skip some conversations, and to stick to a line of conversation sometimes. Keep trying :)

Posted by MegumiChan06, 3:48pm, 23 Sep, 2005

I recently looked through my log of found clues and discovered I'm missing one clue in The Wednsday That Wasn't-Chapter 24. Then I realized that I could never find that last clue. Does anybody know which are the correct ones to say to get both clues? Any help is appreciated.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 3:51pm, 23 Sep, 2005


Posted by Jawaookie, 8:29pm, 23 Sep, 2005

Hey Serpens, I had trouble with that particular chapter too and then I finally found all the mammons I missed since these series started! By the time you get to Barlow's ideas on how to get more money, you should have 4 choices. Like Smjjames said, stick to a line of conversation and skip the ones that are irrelevant.

Posted by vega777, 4:47pm, 5 Oct, 2005

I need help finding the last clue for 4 and 26 of "The Third Vault". Can anyone help me?

Posted by Mandolin, 9:14am, 6 Oct, 2005

Can't remember how I got all the clues in #4, but #26 is easier than you'd think. Demand to know who Annabelle's working for. Focus on the secret passages and just who knows about them.

Oh, yeah: for #4, avoid all unnecessary tangents - if it doesn't trigger a clue or advance the conversation, don't ask it.
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Posted by vega777, 10:19am, 6 Oct, 2005

Thank you!!!

Wednsday That Wasn't-Chapter 24

Posted by taltamir, 4:31pm, 6 Oct, 2005

well, you said you found it, what is it? i only have the one where if i say that i suspect the sherif and rebecca are up to something I can later suggest the sherif set the trap, and thats it

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