The Spider Cliff Mysteries

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Similar Webcomics.

Posted by taltamir, 10:17pm, 11 Oct, 2005

The only thing even similar to this comic that I can think of off the top of my head is "rubeus heroes for hire" by venis productions. It has been dead for a few years now, and can be found here:

EDIT: Also, there is Exodus at

If you have any similarly advanced comics, please post about them here.
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Posted by Deverien, 10:44pm, 11 Oct, 2005

Well, there's Secret of Mana Theatre (, but that's more of a cartoon than a webcomic.

I was also wondering if anyone knew of any mystery-style webcomics like Spider Cliff.

Interactive flash

Posted by taltamir, 10:47pm, 11 Oct, 2005

Yea its a movie, I meant more along the lines of an interactive flash comic.
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Posted by jasonblue, 11:02pm, 11 Oct, 2005

There are category listings for mystery comics on both bcx ( and There's some good stuff in both lists. I'm partial to Grand Blue Door (add .com) and wonder why I'm ahead of her in the buzz poll.

There's also a category of (supposedly) interactive comics at Also, if you look up my site on onlinecomics, there's a list of what other readers are liking, which is generally some good stuff.


Posted by taltamir, 11:58pm, 11 Oct, 2005

well, i checked their interactive comics list... and I got to say yours is the only one thats good. What a shame. (2 there are good, but are mistakingly listed as interactive, as they are not)

Posted by jasonblue, 12:20am, 12 Oct, 2005

I won't be alone for long.

I think it could be really cool if someone would combine a webcomic with a dress-up program (like the one Dougherty made in the fan art gallery). Maybe putting on different outfits would alter the storyline in some way.

Posted by taltamir, 1:28am, 12 Oct, 2005

Heh, the only dress up programs I know of are more of dress downs.. And pulling the clothes off badly rendered polygons isn't all that exciting. :)

But all kidding aside, yes more would probably follow you, I hope sooner then later :).

The outfits idea isn't bad at all. Mmmm, the dress up would add a level of freeform to the story. One could choose an option to change clothes in your current structure, but only if its given specifically. If you add many options, like dress up and wonder around etc, then it becomes less of a comic and more of an adventure game, like Zork or Myst.
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