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A wild theory (contains spoilers)

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Posted by ralphmerridew, 4:02pm, 17 Sep, 2007

iph: Actually, it's possible that Barlow is related to Alex but not Rebecca. (Perhaps Alex is the son of Sheriff Slugmoss & Rebecca, and Barlow is the son of Sheriff Slugmoss & ???.)

Posted by smjjames, 5:42pm, 17 Sep, 2007

the Sheriff and Barlow hardly look alike. It's already established that he was living with his aunt vedalia, but parents are unknown. Also I think Alex was either born before he and rebecca came to Spider Cliff or he was born very soon after Rebecca came. I'm not exactly sure of the facts regarding that.

In any case, Alex's father is unknown, both of Barlows parents are unknown.

Posted by ralphmerridew, 7:49am, 18 Sep, 2007

I wasn't specifically arguing for that theory of parentage, just pointing out that it was possible for Barlow to be related to Alex but not Rebecca.

Posted by ralphmerridew, 11:08pm, 3 Jan, 2008

Hypotheses of Barlow's parentage:

1) Barlow is Thomas Sprawling, mysteriously vanished son of Katherine and Elkwood, protected from aging in some unknown way.

2) Barlow is the son of surviving (though hidden) circus folk.

3) Barlow is the son of circus folk, born before the circus war, preserved in suspended animation by the marsh and Alistair's spell.
3a) and his parents were Alistair and Annabelle.

Any other WAGs?

Posted by giantpandared, 12:05am, 4 Jan, 2008

I think if Barlow was really a Bean then he is related to Eliza because i remember reading about how Eliza was supose to be the towns demon hunter.

Now on to my wild theory is Barlow related to turnip. hatchpaws killed both humans and paper animal, this could have been his revenge for the mutant thin he was (half human half paper animal)

i dont really think this is true or possible but it was this idea i came up with after the suggestion Barlow was half demon.

Posted by smjjames, 12:07am, 4 Jan, 2008


Anyways, I think the theory about Barlow bieng descended from the circus folk has been given before and Jason has said no to it. Annabelle's hair is reddish and from the old photo, Alistair's hair was also a dark color. Then again, hair color isn't exactly a reliable indicator of parentage. You'd think that they would have recognized Barlow as thier son, but you would still have to explain why he is young and not an old man.

Yea it's possible that he could be the lost son. Only problem, I think he dissapeared when he was a preteen. I might be confusing the one that was killed versus the one that dissapeared as an infant.

The fact that he could navigate the swamps could be from knowledge about it and no real connection to the swamp.

Posted by ralphmerridew, 8:52am, 4 Jan, 2008

WAG == wild-ass guess. It also has the implication "disregard any evidence to the contrary"

Why would Annabelle or Alistair recognize Barlow? Even if Alistair knew he had a son, either surely would assume that son was killed during the circus war or when it sank.

annabelle: Well, he must have loved Katherine in no small way, because they stayed happily married for over 30 years!
crystal: Did Katherine and Elkwood have any children?
annabelle: Yes. They had one son, Thomas Sprawling, born 1935. They lost him, though. As an infant, he was stolen away by a demon. They never had any other children.**CLUE**

Posted by smjjames, 12:13pm, 4 Jan, 2008

I meant I was confusing the kid that had gotten murdered with the one that had dissapeared as an infant, but I didn't remember what the name was.

Anyways, while you might think that Vedalia might recognize her old friends child which had been born in 1935 but was kidnapped while still a baby and showed up again some 19 years ago. However, given that there is a span of about 50 years or so between the two events, she might not have remembered very well. Especially if it was a particularily painful memory which she blocked out because of her hatred (more like jealousy) against Katherine.

We don't even know what Katherine and Elkwood looked like in life or what thier baby looked like.

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