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A wild theory (contains spoilers)

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Posted by Manar, 2:31am, 3 Nov, 2005

>I figured out that by pure ancestory, everyone is somehow related to each other. We all came from the first human, anyway.

Demons too ? As far as i know they came from an earlier creation using fire instead of dust.

Posted by Quarma, 5:57pm, 3 Nov, 2005

well, um, I, here's $20. Don't mention it again,

Posted by lovelytuba, 7:04pm, 8 Nov, 2005

Well I think that it would make more sense if Barlow was related to Rebecca and Alex. Alex and him act like brothers sometimes. Maybe Rebecca got married, had Alex and Barlow, got a divorce, Barlow's dad abandoned him, and she doesn't have the heart to tell him his dad lives in the marsh, and he sent Turnip to look after him. That's just a theory anyway ... XD

Posted by vspirit, 11:39am, 23 Nov, 2005

Hmmm, what with the revelation (more like confirmation) of Barlow being a 200% (or was that only 100%?) homosapien (homo...*sniggers*), it really makes you think who his real parents are, huh? I wonder if the kid ever wonders about the same thing himself. His head seems full of wanting out of Spider Cliff for now...

I'm wondering if the author has already established it and holds the answer in his head or if he has yet to do so. Whatever the case may be, he's made it pretty clear that speculations are welcomed nevertheless.

Hm...most everyone put in people/demons that have some consequence to the story, but it was mentioned time and again that people used to come back to Spider Cliff for vacation, so maybe he actually belonged to a couple of holiday makers? Like, say, maybe they went home and forgot that they ever had a baby, poor Barlow. Would be fun if they get introduced into the story later and we get to see some new faces xxDD
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Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 9:04pm, 13 Jan, 2006

he was found in the marshes the same place the carny people lived. so it could be quite possible that his mother was a demon and his father a human. there by his fathers traits would be more dominate and there by lower his demon ablilities. also it could come to be that hes really one of the few survivers from the circus wars which is why he was found in the marshes.

after all the war happened in the marshes so its quite easy for a mother to hide him in the reeds there while the fighting is going on to protect him?

now if his mother was a demon she may have been banished and never got the chance to reclaim him from this hidding spot which would explain why he was found in the marshes with nothing to say who he really was :/ then again we could all be wrong and he might just be 100% human with that old 10% psycic ablility 1 in 1million people are born with :/


Posted by featheredkitten, 11:19pm, 13 Jan, 2006

erm, visitor, the circus wars happened over a hundred years ago

Posted by meserene, 9:46am, 15 Jan, 2006

This theory is getting kind of abstract. It's just pulling any information to fit the theory. Maybe we should look at any hints about Barlow THEN reference the origin of asian water demons. But I'm too lazy to actually do that, so I'm just going to critisize and not help in any way.

Posted by iph, 1:08pm, 12 Feb, 2006

I agree with meserene... Let's at least make sure our theory adheres to facts that we KNOW, because Jason himself just told us that Barlow is related to two, and only two Spider Cliff residents, and that Barlow is not a demon.

This means a couple of things:

- I figure Barlow is not related to Rebbeca or Alex, because if he were related to one he'd also be related to the other, and I can't imagine Rebecca deciding not to look after him if she knew Barlow was her son, and I also can't see any way that she wouldn't know Barlow was her son.

- Although, he could possibly have some other relation to Rebecca than being her son... I doubt it, but I haven't really considered it much so it's definitely possible.

- I'd say it's pretty clear that Barlow is also not related to Turnip, and his lack of demon blood means he's also not related to Crystal.

- The people left are Annabelle, the Sheriff, and Eliza, so all we need to do is figure out which one he's NOT related to and we'll know the other two are.

Posted by imp, 2:01pm, 24 Feb, 2006

You're forgetting one more resident of Spider Cliff. Remember the fortune-telling machine? Why does it have a name, and why is it's name Madame Turing? In a place like Spider Cliff, I see no reason why they wouldn't use the bones of an actual fortune-teller to create a fortune-telling justice machine that actually seems to spout meaningful things.

And if Barlow were related to Madame Turing, it would explain his oracle ability.

Plus it'd just be funny if he were related to a box.

Posted by smjjames, 2:25pm, 24 Feb, 2006

when the name turing was mentioned, it made me think of a turing machine which is a basic form of a computer, but I'm not sure if a turing machine would be capable of the seemingly meaningful things even if it was random.

as we already know, there is alot of magic stuff in SC, so there could easily be some kind of magic involved.

also, it seems like that machine has been around for a long time, so...

Posted by imp, 2:52pm, 24 Feb, 2006

I didn't mean that Barlow is Madame Turing's son, just that they are related.


Posted by roger123275, 12:38pm, 17 Sep, 2007

' After all, Crystal is supposed to be a full demon, and the only evidence we have of that, besides the antennae and fangs, is her evil aura. She has never proven that she can turn creatures to stone since her arrival at Spider Cliff. For all we know, it could be a figure of speech, or a power that has strange quirks and limitations (like, it could take minutes to turn something to stone). '

Crystal turned a fly to stone once.

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