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A wild theory (contains spoilers)

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Posted by smjjames, 10:59am, 19 Oct, 2005

if its annabelle, its a distant relation since she died a century ago. and I don't remember anything saying that Eliza is related to him.

Posted by i8hack, 11:33am, 19 Oct, 2005

I think they're cousins or something along those lines. From the first or second story. I think Eliza was the one that said it but I'm not sure if Barlow knows it or not.

Posted by smjjames, 11:37am, 19 Oct, 2005

yea, considering that the two families are co-founders I'm sure there has been a bit of intermarriage.

I'll take a look about it
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Posted by i8hack, 11:48am, 19 Oct, 2005

all I could find was Barlow saying that his aunt and eliza's parents were good friends. makes sense, the two most powerful families in town at the time.

Posted by smjjames, 11:51am, 19 Oct, 2005

yea, doesn't neccesarily mean they are related though.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 1:30pm, 19 Oct, 2005

Could it be that Alex and Barlow share the same father? And considering Rebecca's relationship with the Sheriff, it could be possible that he might be Alex and Barlows father.

And to add to my theory that Barlow is a Carnie from a Carnie village in the marsh, jason DID say that he's related to TWO current Spider Cliff residents. To use AfroDwarfs assumation, it could be Anabelle. After all, she was a Carnie and if any Carnies survived the Circus War, it's possible that she's related to them.

So, it might just be that Barlow's mother was from the Carnie Village (thus relating him to Anabelle), and as before, the Sheriff's son. I also have a theory as to how they would have met.

The Sheriff used to hunt the paper mammals with a passion, so it could be he followed one way out into the marsh and gotten lost, perhaps even stumbling into the Carnie Village. He could have met her that way and experienced some form of romance with one of the residents.

It could be that the Carnie Villagers were upset about this considering the Spider Cliffians (yes, new word) were the reason that they had to flee. So they might have forced Barlows mother to get rid of him. Thus, how he was found in the marsh.
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Posted by Rognik, 10:17pm, 19 Oct, 2005

I believe the correct term is "Spider Cliffers," to be technical. :p

It does make sense that Barlow and Eliza could be related to each other, considering how both of them have deep roots in the city. Most of the citizens might have moved on, but two of the founding families probably interbred at SOME time. Of course, it could just be as easy be Rebecca and Alex who he's related to. It was the first thing that popped into my mind after that fact was dropped. Really, I still think we need more clues before we know what's really going on here.

Posted by taltamir, 2:13am, 20 Oct, 2005

if he is related to rebecca, then he is related to alex, since she is his mother, and noone else since he is only related to two other residents.

I beleive it was when succession for the demon hunter position was discussed that a strong clue was given in this regard. We should look up the exact episode.

Posted by Kortren, 3:38am, 21 Oct, 2005

If Eliza is indeed related to Barlow, as evidenced, then it leaves only two canidates: Annabelle or the Sheriff. We know that Crystal is not related, and being related to Rebecca or Alex rules out the possibility of Eliza being related.

Annabelle had dated Alistair Bean, and that makes it easier to believe that she's related to Barlow if he has any Bean blood in him. Although it's not likely that Annabelle and Alistair had a child, there's a good probability that a relative of hers might have been married to a Bean. Of course, there's always the chance that Barlow is directly descended from the circus families, but that may make it harder for him to be related to Eliza.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Sheriff's last name (Sluggmoss) is deeply rooted in Spider Cliff's history. If this is true, and if Barlow is a Bean, then it would be easy for them to share an ancestor or two in common. Other than that, he's old enough to be Barlow's father, but I don't think that's very likely.

In the end, I would have to say that the most likely combination would be Eliza and Annabelle, if not Rebecca and Alex.

Posted by taltamir, 1:09am, 22 Oct, 2005

I think eliza and the sheriff are more likely.

Posted by smjjames, 1:34am, 22 Oct, 2005

as of right now, we just don't have the info (although a DNA test would work perfectly) to tell just who exactly is related to barlow.

the only one that we have pretty good info for is Eliza mainly due to family ties. I hope some information regarding this is in the next chapter, if it comes out tonight.

Posted by Quarma, 9:58pm, 31 Oct, 2005

It's a bad theory about the water demon thing. If a water demon gets wet, they expose their scales and fins. Their features don't go away until they get completely dry. When Barlow had a towel around his head, that meant he was still wet. He would've had scales and fins all over his body.

I figured out that by pure ancestory, everyone is somehow related to each other. We all came from the first human, anyway.

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