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A wild theory (contains spoilers)

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Wild Stab In The Dark

Posted by MegumiChan06, 10:05pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Perhaps, now, and this is a BIG stab in the dark. What if Mrs. McGuffin was really Barlow's mother, who had a secret affair with one of the Bean men? That would explain why she was killed secretly and why she was buried with his books, that, as far as we know, were only known about by Aunt Vedalia, who could have been angry that her bloodline lost it's purity because Barlow is part demon. It could be that she left him in the marsh to be found by his family because he showed no physical demon traits.

Also, the reason she was murdered could be because she came back for him, but the Beans didn't want to give him up or didn't know that she was his mom. It's possible that deep within the marsh there could be a village of demons that none of the Spider Cliff residents know about. That would explain his ability to navigate the marsh better than everyone else.

Also, (I'm on a roll here) the paper mammals could be friends of the demons and Turnip befriended Barlow because of that or because his demon brethren wanted Turnip to look out for him.

An even wilder theory is that maybe a few fortunate circus folk survived the massacre all those years ago and escaped to start life anew in the marsh. (after all, the circus was in the marsh as far as I can remember) It could even explain Barlow's ability as an oracle. His mother could have some Circus blood in her. After all, circus folk have some pretty interesting abilitities.

So, in conclusion. Barlows mom is Mrs. McGuffin, a demon with circus folk blood in her. His father was one of the Beans. He has gotten his ability to navigate the marsh because he is both demon and circus folk, and there is a demon and circus folk village deep in the marsh that none of the normal Spider Cliff residents can reach. Living with them are the paper mammals, who sent Turnip to be a guardian to Barlow.
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Posted by Rognik, 11:24pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Poor Barlow. Poor half demon-carnie, half demon-hunter. He's exiled from his demon-carnie marsh home to be guarded by a paper mammal spy. (No, that doesn't sound silly once you put it all side-by-side.)

Say, if Barlow is half-demon (and I'm not saying he is), does that mean he has to kill half of him if he becomes too dangerous?

Posted by taltamir, 2:04pm, 13 Oct, 2005

You know, he doesn't have to be a half demon. The demon detectors use a pearl of pure evil that is attracted to great evils, like demons. but there are plenty of other things for it to be attracted too. The items in the secret archives, the evils in the marsh, the evil woods... It doesn't have to be barlow.

Posted by winkieface2000, 5:41pm, 17 Oct, 2005

Awesome point! But now I'm even more confused as to what is happenning. If Barlow and Crystal ARE half-siblings then it would be even more unusual that Crystal was found in Barlow's room.

Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 5:14am, 18 Oct, 2005

Er... well Mrs.McGuffin probably isn't Barlow's mom because in the autopsy Eliza said that judging by the pelvic bone she had no children. but then again she could be wrong..

Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 5:15am, 18 Oct, 2005

Er... well Mrs.McGuffin probably isn't Barlow's mom because in the autopsy Eliza said that judging by the pelvic bone she had no children. but then again she could be wrong..

Posted by MegumiChan06, 3:43pm, 18 Oct, 2005

Oh yea! My bad, I forgot about that little fact.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 4:02pm, 18 Oct, 2005

I was thinking, however. It IS still possible that some of the circus folk survived the Circus War and now be living in the marsh. Thus, Barlow could still possibly be a carnie. Yet, that doesn't explain WHY he was just left there.

Posted by jasonblue, 5:00pm, 18 Oct, 2005

I don't want to step in and ruin the fun, but I do need to state that Barlow is 100% human, and as such has no relation to Crystal (that would be icky). As to whether he's really a Bean is up for discussion. The only person who knew for sure is dead.

....but, uh... Barlow is related by blood to two other current citizens in Spider Cliff.

Posted by smjjames, 5:53pm, 18 Oct, 2005

Well theres only two that would be, Eliza (her family was one of the founders and I'm sure there was some intermarriage), and the Sherriff. I'm not sure how closely related his family are to the beans though, but more distantly than the blakes.

OR you mean Rebecca is somehow related to him and Alex is related by his mother. That could partly explain why she really cares about him and looks after him alot.

as far as him bieng in the marsh, he could have been an illict child (although in a small town like spider cliff word would have gotten out sooner or later who barlows parents were).
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Posted by taltamir, 9:32pm, 18 Oct, 2005

it is actually said specifically that eliza (she is the plant girl right?) is related to him.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 10:56am, 19 Oct, 2005

Hmm, I don't remember that, but it would make sense that at some point a Bean married a Blake (assuming he is a Bean), the other could be the sheriff, but going with the theme of this thread, what if it's Annabelle?

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