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A wild theory (contains spoilers)

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A wild theory (contains spoilers)

Posted by Kortren, 3:26am, 10 Oct, 2005

Here's what I can remember about Barlow:

-He was found on the marshes as a baby.
-He can navigate the marshes easily.
-He is introverted and intuitive in nature.
-His oracle ability is tied to the lunar cycle.
-He constantly makes references to water as an oracle.

Everything seems to indicate that he has some sort of inherent affinity to water. According to Tarot tradition, reflexion and intuition are defining characteristics of people related to the water element. Water tides are defined by the moon's proximity to the earth. Maybe, just maybe, he is descended from a being related to water. Like, let's say... a WATER DEMON?

If Crystal's father is indeed an asian water demon, there's a possibility that he was Barlow's father as well, or that perhaps they're related by blood. If Barlow is indeed Crystal's half-brother, it would explain the prime origin of their constant bickering. It would also be the reason why Barlow has always been reluctant to become a demon hunter. The reason why Barlow would appear to be human is because he inherited his (clearly) human mother's looks. His half-demon heritage would also explain why he doesn't radiate an evil aura; perhaps only full demons and other beings who have crossed the underworld (like dead people who become zombies) do so. Barlow could even be a shape-shifter and not know it...

What do you think?

P.S.: As a side note, I found out about a demon from the Himalayas (more specifically, from Nepal) called Lakhe who is "commonly depicted with Gorgon-like features." ( An asian demon with Gorgon-like features... sounds like someone familiar?

Posted by Rognik, 5:12am, 10 Oct, 2005

Well, we don't know that Barlow makes water references all the times he's channeling the oracle, just when he has a full bladder. I mean, how many times has this poor guy been drugged to fall asleep? I'm surprised he can still drink coffee without looking at it strangely.

Also, I seriously doubt that being half-demon would mask Crystal's demon-sensing powers. Besides, wouldn't some other power have manifested itself already if he /was/ a demon? Not to mention the fact that he seems to be the shortest guy in town.

Even barring the above, he should have some feature that indicates his demonic origin if he was half-demon. Crystal lacks the snake-like hair of Gorgons, but her eyes petrify all who glance on them. Her antennae out front (maybe horns) and yellowish skin probably indicate her chinese water dragon's origin.

And as one final note, Barlow likes ginkoberry pie. Not even a demon likes that, so he must be a real freak of nature! :p

Posted by smjjames, 10:48am, 10 Oct, 2005

yea, Crystal looks Asian cause of her fathers side. Early on she said all or alot of demons had the antennae so maybe she grew up in an area that had alot of water demons, or maybe a kind of little shanghai type nieghborhood.

Just because Crystal doesn't like them doesn't mean that all demons wouldn't like that stuff. Heck a south american demon might find them tasty....

Even if barlow is not part demon somehow, we'd still have to admit theres something supernatural about his origins. He could have been descended from a marsh demon or someone who was only part demon and his mother (if he even HAD parents), so whatever demon features there are got dilluted by the human side. and like Rebecca said, he seems to have some latent abilities, so thats probably why they haven't shown up yet, they are just latent and haven't been unlocked yet.

but very good theory Kortren :)

Also, if your theory pans out about the water affinity, maybe he is descended from some other water spirit or bieng. Oracles are sometimes connected to water or nature in general right? so maybe there is a connection there. And it would take someone like Rebecca to notice a more stubtle pattern when he does that. and of course anybody's bladder is gonna be full at 4 AM. The next chapter should reveal some stuff.
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Posted by taltamir, 4:56pm, 10 Oct, 2005

Remember though, one clue indicates that barlow looks very similar to the beans. So he likely IS a bean, even if he was found in the swamp. And I doubt he has the same father as crystal, as he simply doesn't look even remotly asian, plus the whole thing would be very very contrived, maybe another water demon, but not crystal's father.

Posted by Kortren, 6:56pm, 10 Oct, 2005

Indeed, Barlow could easily be the result of a secret romance between a Bean and a demon...

Regarding his Asian heritage, well... he IS short...

If his mother was a Bean, then there's a good chance that he would inherit the family's looks above a demon's. The Bean demon hunting tradition could be more than just a tradition... perhaps something with supernatural origins passed down the bloodline?

In any case, it seems logical that half-demons with a strong human heritage would show no demonic traits other than their powers. After all, Crystal is supposed to be a full demon, and the only evidence we have of that, besides the antennae and fangs, is her evil aura. She has never proven that she can turn creatures to stone since her arrival at Spider Cliff. For all we know, it could be a figure of speech, or a power that has strange quirks and limitations (like, it could take minutes to turn something to stone).

And maybe having a full bladder is an important part of becoming an oracle!

Posted by taltamir, 2:55am, 11 Oct, 2005

we do know of allister being a corrupt and powerful magic user.

Perhaps he tried to create a spare body for himself, a clone of sorts. Which, like the zombies, took 100 years to arrive (although the zombies probably took that long because he was interrupted during his magicking)


Posted by Anonymous Visitor, 9:33am, 11 Oct, 2005

also... if Barlow and Crystal were siblings, even if they didn't know it, I highly doubt they would be attracted to each other strongly enough to...erm...get physical in TWTW. Maybe if they are both demons, Crystal felt some connection to him that she thought was just a crush.
Do demons age or have parents?

this is don'tmilkpuppies, by the way.

Posted by Deverien, 9:58am, 11 Oct, 2005

I doubt Barlow is a demon, let alone one that's related to Crystal. If he were a demon, even part demon, then he probably would have caused SOME reaction with those demon-sensing alarms from the first story.

Posted by taltamir, 2:51pm, 11 Oct, 2005

Crystal has parents. A gorgon and a chinese water demon. Demons do age, but they age slower, she mentioned her parents telling her not to day anyone under the age of 108 years.

Posted by smjjames, 3:03pm, 11 Oct, 2005

I think her parents said that so she wouldn't date any mortals, although she is young by mortal standards.

still, even if he ISN'T of demon parentage, maybe something else supernatural is involved that doesn't have a demonic aura. Remember Crystal said that her demon senses were dulled somewhat, although she could still sense an evil aura in close proximity. So maybe its something with Barlow that dulls demon senses and is preventing crystal to sense anything supernatural anout him. Although Rebecca because of her witch powers doesn't sense anything magical, she thinks it could be latent.

I can't wait for chapter 10 lol

Posted by dalben, 1:18pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Actually, in the first story Barlow said that the demon alarms go off every other week - just not as strongly as when Crystal arrive. This could simply be faulty design (Alex said he'd fixed them up shortly before Crystal arrived), but it could also indicate a weak demonic presence that predates Crystal i.e. Barlow has demon blood. Personally I'm still guessing that Barlow is not demonic, but you all raise some good points and I'm a lot less sure than I used to be.

Posted by Egocentric, 4:45pm, 12 Oct, 2005

I think Crystals demon senses were dulled by the Mayors Urn.

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