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Total tally (As of October 9, 2005)

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Total tally (As of October 9, 2005)

Posted by Rognik, 3:14pm, 9 Oct, 2005

Hello, everyone! I'm new here and just catching up on the clues. I want to double check with someone that I have the total number of clues, for posterity only.

I've found 357 up to the current chapter (Mrs. McGuffin's Grave, #8). Is that the max, or have I missed one along the way and not noticed? I've been too tired to count up the total clues per chapter.

Posted by jasonblue, 3:29pm, 9 Oct, 2005

I don't have access to my database right now, but I can get an answer with a couple of queries. The easiest way to know if you've missed anything is to look at your progress on the "chapters" page. If you have all of the clues for a chapter your total will be in green instead of red or black.

edit- Coming soon, the actual clues you have found will be on that page as well.
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Posted by Deverien, 4:18pm, 9 Oct, 2005

Without the mammons from the survey, I have a total of 357 mammons (and I haven't exchanged them for anything yet). I think I've found all the clues so far, except for one clue from one of the Third Vault chapters. So 358 is probably the max right now.
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Posted by Rognik, 5:09pm, 9 Oct, 2005

I just noticed the "view records" page. I've just noticed that I'm missing one, too. So the total should be 358 to date. Now I just have to dredge up that last clue. Thanks for the confirmation.


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