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Romance on The Wednesday that Wasn't: The Evidence

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Posted by imp, 3:28pm, 24 Feb, 2006

I've been taking alot of interest in exactly how long this series has been going.

Story 1:
Crystal arrives early morning on a Monday (which can be shown from future things). C+B wait to kill each other that night, and the next day (Tuesday) the cannon is fired.

Story 2:
Barlow spends all Tuesday cleaning up the destruction, and is very tired. Nevertheless, he ends up spending the whole night fighting zombies. The next day, Wednesday, is spent solving the crime, and Barlow doesn't get any sleep until they find the urn at nightfall.

Story 3:
"A few days later" (Probably Saturday) the statue is discovered, and the next day (Sunday) is spent resolving the curse.

Story 4:
Here's where it gets a little sketchy, but I think it can be assumed that this Tuesday is not very long after Story 3 - as Crystal is still adjusting to here new living space. Rebecca even reminds her that Thursday is her afternoon shift, so she's still new at the diner. She's been here about a week. Anyway, Wednesday wasn't, and it's all resolved nicely on Thursday.

Story 5:
Crystal and Barlow have both moved into the Bean house. As there is no implication of time lapse, it must *still* be Thursday. On Chapter 6, it becomes Friday, as indicated by the note. The safe is opened on Sunday.

Story 6:
They bury Arabelle the next day, Monday, and solve the mystery on Tuesday after a late night search. It is not explained how the sheriff is back up and running so soon.

So from the beginning of Story 1 to the end of Story 6 we go through only a fortnight and a day. Pretty impressive.

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