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Romance on The Wednesday that Wasn't: The Evidence

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Romance on The Wednesday that Wasn't: The Evidence

Posted by taltamir, 5:30pm, 8 Oct, 2005

So, I am curious as to what happened, I know the following:

1. On the lost day supposedly barlow and crystal said some things because they knew they will not remember, according to Annabelle...
2. The reason annabelle was in crystal's room was because she put her there, as crystal did not go to sleep in her own bed...

Now, what exactly did happen. The first peice of evidence suggests that they got all mushy, the second one suggests that they possibly got physical. Did anyone else notice any other info about that?

Posted by MegumiChan06, 10:35pm, 12 Oct, 2005

I agree, there must have been something significant that went on there, but I think Jason left it out to further the mystery of the entire story. I'm hoping, however, that this subject will come up again in later chapters.

Barlow/Crystal romance?

Posted by Rognik, 11:29pm, 12 Oct, 2005

Any hints, aside from Barlow and Crystal having the option to give or ask the other for intimate favours from the other? Not really. And the story about the Wednesday that Wasn't is over; we won't know the truth about that day, unless Annabelle feels the need to resind her previous order from Crystal. Or a more powerful demon takes control of her and undoes all of Crystal's orders.

Posted by taltamir, 12:40am, 13 Oct, 2005

now that would be an interesting twist.. how would annabelle feel once she is no longer bound by crystal's order not to eat everyone. Keep in mind she isn't a standard zombie, she is much smarter and has had her mental block removed so that she remembers her past life and has positive feelings now

Posted by Amalia, 1:23pm, 13 Oct, 2005

Hmm...I think it's much more fun if this mystery stays unsolved for a while, perhaps forever! It should keep people more excited about a possible romance between Crystal and Barlow!

I agree that it would be interesting if Annabelle is no longer obliged to follow Crystal's orders....we'll just have to wait and see what Jason is up to :)

Posted by Manar, 11:59pm, 14 Oct, 2005

It also opens up for some interesting after-effects. Imagine what might happen in nine months...
This message was last edited on 15 Oct 2005.

Posted by taltamir, 1:52pm, 15 Oct, 2005

Well, I was guessing something like that would be noticeable BEFORE nine monthes... Probably by now if it happened, but it might just be abit too early for that. (how much time has passed since the wednesday that wasn't?)

Posted by smjjames, 5:55pm, 15 Oct, 2005

well this story directly follows from the day the third vault ended, so it was the next afternoon at least when they had finished burying her.

the total time for both stories seems to be at least two weeks. It seems like it was a few days after the wednesay that wasnt the next story started, probably only a day or two.

So the total time for all three is less than a month.

that makes me think, if the first story started during late summer like in August as Barlow was about to go to college and the time span from the first one to the wednesay that wasnt, it should be late september or so for them. If they live as far north as I think they do (like as far north as Michigan or NY state) cause of the forest near them, then the weather should be getting pretty cool soon.

Posted by AfroDwarf, 4:56pm, 16 Oct, 2005

I think Wednesday will be brought back up when Annabelle will get tired of Crystal teasing her about Alex, but then I thought Barlow's matrimonial situation would lead to it.

Posted by taltamir, 1:05am, 17 Oct, 2005

I also was certain barlow's matrimonial situation will lead to its revelation. This is one of the clues btw. While some of us could have assumed his matrimonials were reflecting his own sexuality, those who have ferreted all the clues about the wednesday that wasn't could tell that wasn't the case, and that foul play was afoot.

Posted by winkieface2000, 5:36pm, 17 Oct, 2005

I am not sure what happenned between Barlow and Crystal. At first I thought it was a romance but there are later stories that suggest other wise. I actually don't think that Barlow's plants have anything to do with his sexuality but why would that be included if not to tell people that he and Crystal were not in a relationship. I'm very confused by the matter. I thought some thing well... physical was going on but later I thought not. Oh well.

Posted by shadowcat27, 5:34am, 5 Dec, 2005

i think annabelle and alex might get into a relationship and barlow and crystal will get into a relationship. it makes sense

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