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Moonwards, or fire in the sky

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Posted by Radek, 8:25am, 13 Mar, 2015

What? Tigers aren't marsupials? Dhrmrnrn.... I coulda sworn - but, then... Huh. Live and learn, I suppose. Anyway, never threat about uncertainties - I mean, that sounds good, actually, a dignified prawn resting beside something strong and bubbly - or tigers, that's my motto! Especially when they're such slow travelers. It's probably just one of the new courier-tigers I've heard tell about..?

Exificallited! I like that one - you have a knack for words, Belladora. And no, I do not recall the weather being so... Forceful, but then again, my memory is patchy at best, cursed at worst, and often somwhere horrifically in-between. Never mind that - allow me to negotiate!

(After a few moments of heated debate, and a short time-out in which Radek jogs off to acquire a plaster, the raincloud contentedly storms off - only the occasional deluge of water and, for one reason or another, bananas, hinting that it was at one point present.)

Thank goodness - maps AND provisions, I knew this was an excellent place to set up lawn chairs! Banana, Alice? Or perhaps a trumpet? Hrrm, actually, you're probably right - it could easily be one of those illusory trumpets I've heard tell about. Which is interesting timing - as this map over here attests.

Hall of Deadened Brass, what a cheery name! And apparently there's one thing and one thing only they manufacture - instruments, in all states of reality.

Apparently, nestled in a cold swamp as it is, the Hall used to be some sort of sorcerous workshop - and then something happened, and it's doors closed, and no-one is quite certain if anyone still works there... Or the Hall continues it's work on it's own, ghostly instruments assembling themselves in towers reaching to the ceiling, accumulating dust and cobwebs.

Honestly, I far prefer this map that's fallen next to the trumpet itself. All the bright colours and the like make me think of a fairy tale with a less horrifical ending, though I'm not exactly sure what cartographer'd decided to use cinnabar to colour their work... Look at it though, all quaint brick houses and - huh. I've got no idea what that huge pit-looking thing in the earth is supposed to represent.

A den of tigers maybe?

Well, we can discuss that when the weather changes and the weekend comes. Give me a moment to brush up on my trumpet skills, and if you'd like, I'll embarrassingly serenade you while the time passes us by - I figure it's as good a way as any to work up morale fortitude for suspicious saturdays.

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