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Moonwards, or fire in the sky

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Moonwards, or fire in the sky

Posted by Radek, 5:19pm, 15 Oct, 2014

The lingering sense of season
Purposeless in the air,
Without poise
(Permanent or new)
And yet at once invoking a time
Unforgotten, even still.

Alas, my perception falters
Because it's hard to put words to line
When a small dog is clinging tenaciously
To your leg.

Say, Alice. Let's try for one more time around here. Well, you're free not to, of course; but I'm going to be strumming away in the mean time and trying my best to ignore, uhmn... I'm going to settle on Gertrude for now.

Posted by Alice belladora, 10:49pm, 17 Feb, 2015

Hmm. Late as ever, but at least not, uh, never. That rhymed! Hurrah! I do apologize for my absence, but I find myself often disappearing lately. Into portals, hedges.... things like that. And it's very difficult to get out of a hedge. They're spiky, more often than not. Anyhow. I haven't any inspiration for rhyming words, but I will say I had an amusing dream about a werewolf and a small, fat wizard who liked poking people.
Ah conversation. And, invisible cotton candy. It makes you question logic AND it tastes nice.

Posted by Alice belladora, 10:51pm, 17 Feb, 2015

Also, I shouldn't worry about small dogs with two names... at least not now, after I've been training them. Him.

Posted by Radek, 10:38am, 19 Feb, 2015

It takes a lot of effort to speak in rhyme, and try as I might I shall never be sublime at this wordy crime I call a pastime -

Yes, I'm afraid that's not going to turn into anything resembling verse no matter how much I pick at it. But no need to apologize; you know I'm quite the fella for taking my sweet time as well by now, haha!.. Besides, Belladora, I think I saw you vanish over that garden wall and into the cerulean blue whateververse beyond -

That's why I set up this garden chair and tried my hand at amateur poetry. I figured the chances of you falling back through some otherworldly awning was better then terrible!..

You should never trust small, fat wizards. I had a particularly harrowing experience with a bell-shaped one who seemed to believe I'd absconded with some kinda magical charm, or possibly charme? He was right, of course, but it was a lucky guess and the principle of the thing - and, uh, where was I? Could I have some of that cotton candy? Logic is entirely too logical, and the world could use a bit more fluff, least, I could.

Wait -

You've been deep in a mysterious training regimen with - him, then? That *would* explain the lack of drool & fang marks. Thanks for that! Though now I'm curious about what you've been up to!..

When the time passes to the point that conversation about it seems a pleasing way to pass the time; until then, would you care for some lemon-mint tea?

Posted by Alice belladora, 10:07pm, 21 Feb, 2015

Lemon-mint tea? I'm glad to see your pleasant obsession with tea hasn't left you. I wouldn't mind some. Though I'll be honest and say I've become very attached to my latest creation- cotton candy water. You, er, get the cotton and separate it from the candy- wait, do you do that after or before? Why am I asking you? Why is the table escaping? So many questions! So few answers. Ah, but you wanted cotton candy, right? But not in water form. Here.
So, how's your time floating in between worlds been? Wait, was that you or my aunt? I can't seem to remember. Also, speaking of alarmingly shaped wizards, I found a new teapot while I was falling through the sky earlier, we struck up a conversation because that's not stupid at all, and it told me that not only is it shaped like a wizard with a pointy hat for a lid, but it knew a wizard long ago.
After talking for a while, it decided to come with me. So that was that. Also, good thinking setting up that lawn chair. If only the table would stop running round in circles...
This message was last edited on 21 Feb 2015.

Posted by Radek, 7:23am, 22 Feb, 2015

Thank you, Belladora. You know, at some point I switched fully from the brown grits of coffee to this stuff; I wouldn't be surprised if it was your influence?.. Regardless, I always carry several dried tins of the stuff strapped to my coat as I adventure, which is what the clanging sound is. Didyouknow, they also act as rather efficient armor, although it's always a loss when one is shot at and instead of easily replaceable blood, precious tea is spilled instead...

This is marvelous cotton candy, thank you - licorice twist, in return?

Well, actually cotton candy water sounds fantastic - and I do think I ran across your aunt, briefly, though it might just have been the fever dreams at the time. I caught some kinda strange cold despite my usually superb health recently, it might be the reason I've been so pensive. That or the tiny arthropod that keeps whispering bad advice in my ear...

Pah, nothing you do is stupid, Belladora; or rather, it's gleefully stupid in the way we need more of! Otherwise, we'd live in a world of Nothing But Wizards, and somehow I can't help but feel that would be a terrifying thing indeed. Also, well, you got a lovely (if not strangely and ominously wizard-shaped) teapot out of it, so that's that good then!

Now, while I give that table a stern talking to, feel free to have the lawn chair (And thanks, I'm rather proud of the idea myself!) - if only I'd had the foresight for two, or possibly a sedan chair...

Posted by Alice belladora, 7:19pm, 3 Mar, 2015

A world of Nothing But Wizards? How wonderful!, i mean, how terrible. Yes. Awful. And yes, it is a nice teapot. I think its... ominousness will help to give the tea a forboding taste. Hurrah! Also, i seem to have been stuck in a time warp which sent me a few weeks forward into now! I do apologise if i kept you waiting. Those darn time warps.
So, anyway. Where were we? Tuna!, wait. That doesn't seem... oh. Look, it's billtrude! And he's flying this way! On a rocket! Covered in wizard shaped teapots! Wait, that might just be me hallucinating due to the time warp thingy. Apparently it's a side effect. But look! Oh, now he's crashed into the grass not five feet from us. Now he's getting up. Also apparently narrating everything that happens is a side effect of time travel as well. Have you ever experienced it? And would you like more cotton candy water?
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Posted by Radek, 11:17am, 5 Mar, 2015

Would you care for a smoke, Alice? It's perfectly healthy, given that it's nothing more then rolled-up tea leaves, but it makes me look very serious when I say that perhaps we should simply take our time and let time - er, pass. You have the wild-eyed look of a perpetual time-traveler, tipsy off inertia from the trippin' the rift.

And well I pet Billtrude, and - gratefully accept your cottoned candy water, while wondering (winsomely?) if the narration isn't a side effect of a diet composed mostly of sugars and stimulants, I can't say it's got my goat. Or that I've really experienced time travel, except for the times I have.

Now, it just so happens that I have a book of maps here (Worlds of Wizardry, in fact) that cross-references locations of sorcereous shenanigans with areas of temporal pecularity! Care to go over it with me, while time travels in a most perpendicular and irregular fashion? It'll give us something to do - instead of trying to reliably find the others' time, when we can do so reliably irreliably!

Posted by Alice belladora, 9:51pm, 9 Mar, 2015

Oooh, maps! I'm such a fan of cartography how could i say no. And indeed it seems there's not much going on here, apart from dogs falling from the sky and, oh look, a rainbow kicking a cloud. That doesn't seem right. Anyway...

Maps! I'm afraid the time travel has caused me to be unable to read a map without fire exploding from my shoes so could you, er, describe them for me? And then perhaps i can tell you the tale of when i was attacked by an army of tiny, three inch tigers.

Or was it llamas...

Posted by Radek, 11:25am, 10 Mar, 2015

Since we're both still here despite the world ending or drifting off or - that really doesn't look right, does it..? Where was I..?

Since we're both still here regardless an' all, it seems that maybe it's our fate to not just go out with great fanfare or great solemnity; or really go out at all, and not even to a neighbouring star system! Pretty poor turn of luck for us, Belladora - but then again, that's the fate of incredibly deft, resourceful, and all-around magnificent adventurers such as ourselves!

Anyway. Gather 'round! And if you've got it in you to tell me the story of how you were once pursued by an army of miniature three-inch marsupials; just interrupt me; you know I don't mind.

But who makes the maps in the first place?

Posted by Radek, 11:43am, 10 Mar, 2015

Far to the north of a place
That had neither sun nor star
It lay beneath the whispered void
Upon the land a broken scar
Beckoning to all entrancingly
To enter into it and be destroyed.

Rather ominous crest, eh? Found it in the pocket of a man in questionable health - well, given his skeletal state, he was deceased, but I figured it best to ask anyway. A lot of people aren't staying dead these days, so best to ask, I figured.

No necromantic magicks though - just an unlucky fellow. Aaah - there's nothing like that yellowing-vellum smell to get the mind off of misfortuned souls!

To the northwest, you can see that area dotted with tall, mile-high fluffs of emerald green? They aren't trees - that's the bog raised up from the marsh and turned into towers by the Old Witch who lives beneath, or so they say. But water keeps spilling from somewhere beyond, and the bog keeps rising, and so do the towers - until finally they collapse and go past the sky itself, both at once.

Remarkably confusing stuff, magical architecture!

That dot in the centre, riiiight near the 'heere be mynsters; sic mvndit drakvnis' lettering? Apparently, it's a bar in the desert filled with shady characters, weapons merchants, excellent places to refuel dirigibles - and, if you believe it, a vast time distortion right beneath the city proper! Hrmn, For some reason it sounds -

Right, before I forget - a cabal of shadowy wizards (literal shadows, or so I hear tell) have been burrowing up from the molten core of the earth towards it, and time goes back a generation for every inch they dig. When they finally reach it, they'll have achieved their real goal... Bringing back archaic lifeforms into the current timeline! I don't know if I should be horrified or excited or horrifically excited! Bit of both, I reckon.


And here, you can see a kind of beaten looking but (somewhat) dashing fellow on an armchair, represented by a crudely drawn stick-figure. The (hopefully) slightly better-drawn stick figure to his right appears to be looking over his shoulder at a map? Not quite sure what the squiggly lines up above were - er, are.

Though I'd like to imagine whatever holds their interest, it's something good enough to entertain them a little - especially before any (hopefully theoretical) tiny half-llama half-tigers arrive, as that would put a damper on anyone's cartography.

Posted by Alice belladora, 2:57pm, 11 Mar, 2015

What a fascinating map! I... oo look, the rainbow just punched the oncoming rain in the face. The weather seems to be getting more violent, in general... hey, billtrude, stop chewing the corner of the map. Excuse him, he used to go through entire stacks of maps before i knew him. I told him the ink couldn't be healthy, but... he wouldn't listen! Aaaanyway. Those little figures are very familiar, you know. Strange. And, look. There's a badly depicted representation of a tiger, coming towards them! How extraordinary! Good thing it's very small, should take it a few weeks to reach them.

...i don't seem to remember tigers being of the marsupial family... ah, but what do i know! I admit for years i thought prawn cocktail was an actual cocktail with a prawn resting modestly on the side of the glass.

Also, you should clearly be horrifically excited. Or, horricited. Exificallited? Also also, it seems the grass is packing its bags and leaving and the cloud is coming our way and it looks like it wants a sticky plaster from when it was attacked by that dreadful rainbow earlier. Er, do you recall the atmosphere being so... interactive? At all? Ever? I mean it seems odd that a load of water particles, or whatever clouds are made of, bananas for all i know, is coming over to ask us for medical equipment. Oh well!

I think we should continue our map reading since a large pile of ancient maps has fallen from the sky and landed nearby. Also, a small trumpet. But we should probably assume it isn't real, or at least very dangerous. And as for the tigers, well.... that's a story for a dark and stormy saturday afternoon.

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