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A Thing That was Unintended~

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A Thing That was Unintended~

Posted by Alice belladora, 9:15am, 26 Nov, 2011

This is an unintended thing. Please back away slowly, avoiding eye contact.
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Even unintended things can have uses-

Posted by Radek, 6:29pm, 26 Nov, 2011

And now, Radek presents amateur fiction night! There is coffee in the corner and biscuits on the table, as well as an early yule log hanging above the fireplace - as to why a cake is hanging above the fireplace, it adds a sort of sucrose-y flavor to the area. I've tried to avoid eye contact with this Unintended Thing but it looks so sad and lonely that it - and anyone - is allowed, nay, encouraged to try their hand at dribblings and drabblings. By which I mean Writing! Do note that it is amateur however, and likely to be of dubious quality. So.


Don't wake up.
It's the horrible feeling you have right before dawn pierces through the window and drags you ungently to your feet - that perhaps if there had only been a few more moments, you might stumble upon some deep secret of the universe forgotten by all - or at least managed to wake without tired eyes and frizzled hair sticking out in every direction of the compass. Perhaps it's just me, but that's part of your charm.

The thing is... There are times in that moment right between wakefulness and sleep that I find myself wondering if maybe there is something special about it. Do you ever see flashes of color or light as you first open and close your eyes?.. Yeah, it does sound a little silly, doesn't it? But it's that and the ringing sound; that really strange humming susurration, the one that sounds like a tiny chime. It almost feels like there's a pathway I could follow if I just knew where to look.

Of course, that's even sillier, a delusion brought upon by lack of sleep and perhaps staying up for far too late the night before. And yet! That's precisely why I can't just throw the idea away; that right outside of our perception is something else. Something wonderful, or perhaps terrible - or a weird mixture of both that we could comprehend if only we could see. Another time, flowing gently backward - or perhaps forward, to a place we don't know. Yeah, this sure is a lot of guesswork on my part, isn't it?

... In the end, it's just a feeling. Unshakeable, but something to be forgotten soon after waking up - I'll go about my day, watch the sun grow orange and full before hiding beneath the cover of stars, and wait for sleep again - and it will come unbidden only to be obscured once more. It's like that analogy about the butterfly and dreaming, except after some time you start to forget what was the dream in the first place - or maybe that was the point..?

Anyway, even if it all was a dream - that alone was enough.


I was going to do some poetry here, but my scribbles on this paper that may or may not have been a napkin at some point is illegible. I'll make something up later. For now, now that I've indulged my urge at terrible hackery, it's time to see what can be dredged up for our work!.. Thanks for letting me borrow Jones, Alice. Terribly temperamental, yes - but a good typewriter all the same.


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