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The Status of Blue

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The Status of Blue

Posted by Markwar, 3:14pm, 7 Sep, 2011

You know, does anyone actually know the status of Jason Blue (Blue's his middle name right?). Is he even still alive. Who's done some digging? At this point it like a new Chapter of the comic.

Posted by Egocentric, 6:03pm, 7 Sep, 2011

We haven't heard from him in some time, but I think he's all right. I can't find any forum posts or updates or anything since 2009, though. But he generally doesn't write much. Fonxvard still updates, at least, but I don't know if it is automatic.

People wonder if he is dead every so often. Most of the times he's been alive.

Posted by Radek, 8:03am, 14 Sep, 2011

All things considered, he's probably alive. In between bouts of metareality, i sometimes wonder what he must think of all of this; regardless, even if I end up being a terrible correspondent, I do think that he'll finish this at some point. Sense of completion and all that.


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