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INtroductions page!...*sidenote nothing damaging or too personal though!

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Posted by Allison93, 4:32am, 29 Mar, 2006

Hi, folks. I'm Allison hence the nickname. I'm currently 20 years of age and I just turned on March 6. From the Southeast USA, bawn 'n raised. Yeah yeah yeah, yippie-kye-aye to you too. So now we have that outta the way, I enjoy frollicking in the summer rain (heeeey I do, okay!) and reading. And drawing and horror flicks and listening to music blah blah blah (insert redundant myspace quotes here). Oh and I have this weird habit of wanting to know everyone's birthdates so I know their zodiac sign? Yeah, I know. So yeeeah that about covers it, I think. Love the site and the comic. I've only been here once but I'm already itching to draw something for the fanart section. I'm digging the Annabelle character but I think I should read up to her appearance first before I attempt that. Once again, thanks to the creator/s for sharing all this to us internet folks. All you guys are great.

Posted by Ghost41, 4:56pm, 13 Apr, 2006

Howzit, names William and webcomics be my game.
19 years of age and live in South Africa.
Into 1st year of uni and already cursing my luck. >.<
Awsome comic by the way and as for fav, it would have to be a tie between Crystal and Barlow.

Did I mention I like webcomics? Cause I do.

P.S Addiction is a bad thing. Very bad. Bad, bad, bad..... ;P

Posted by whatan, 10:55pm, 26 Apr, 2006

hi, I'm Whitney and I'm 22 and a senior in college this uear (yipes only 2 1/2 weeks left till graduation). I found this comic either october or november of last year and have been addicted since, but have been a little shy until now, but there's no time like the present to come out into the open. so there you have it

Posted by wigsy, 3:53am, 3 May, 2006

I am Sue, my nickname is wigsy!

I live in England, i am 25 and i absolutely love Spidercliff........ i wonder if they do holidays there??

Posted by Dragonsbane, 6:24pm, 3 May, 2006

I've been here a while but it just occured to me I never said hello on the introductions. I'm Jay and I'm from Scotland. Love Crystal, and Annabelle... its hard to choose between them :-D Annabelles fascination with brains is like my fascination with chocolate... I share her pain... and then theres oh so witty Crystal... she just entertains me.

Love this fic so much...

Posted by mackenzie, 4:11pm, 3 Jul, 2007

I'm not telling anyone anything, though i like crystal and the sheriff. I think the barlow + crystal
pairing is pretty gross.

Posted by Em Furlong, 4:26am, 14 Jul, 2007

Hi, I'm Emily and I'm 17 and from Maryland. My favorite character would be Crystel, though I still wonder what her real name is seeing as how Rebecca kinda gave her that name.

Posted by Swift_Articuno, 5:18am, 6 Dec, 2007

I'm not telling you my name bit I'm 12 and I live in Singapore. I like Turnip, and its sad how he's been the main suspect in the recent mystery and a few ones before that.

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