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INtroductions page!...*sidenote nothing damaging or too personal though!

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Posted by featheredkitten, 8:59pm, 28 Nov, 2005

My name is Rachel and i live in new mexico, i'm 20 (just november 16 is my birthday) i got the link for this site from (if you liike point and click games....)

i love the comic and am obsessive about new episodes coming out.....i'd have to say i like alex (his paranoid antics are amusing) and turnip is so cute

oh and jasonblue rocks

Posted by shadowcat27, 5:55am, 5 Dec, 2005

hi my names Gail. im 15 and this webcomic is great. My fave characters are crystal, barlow, annabelle and alex. i think barlow and crystal are definately going to end up in a relationship and maybe annabelle and alex might end up together.

Posted by Kiriai, 7:23pm, 5 Dec, 2005

Interesting. So it appears that featheredkitten, jasonblue and I all have a birthday on the same day. How weird.

Posted by jasonblue, 7:26pm, 5 Dec, 2005

We're all the same person, maybe?

Posted by Kiriai, 7:31pm, 5 Dec, 2005

Perhaps. But how do you explain the discrepancy that you can draw and I can't? Or is it more sort of like a holy trinity type the same? I think I could deal with that.

Posted by meserene, 2:12pm, 11 Dec, 2005

Hey, I deleted my info because I'm sick of leaving my stuff all over the internet. Like anyone reads this post anyways. If anyone wants to know what state I'm from, that's tough.

Actually, I'm pretty nice. I'd tell anyone things that don't matter, but no one needs or wants to know more about me. Now we're all relatively happy.
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Hello fellow Spidercliff Enthusiasts!

Posted by wonderles, 5:27pm, 3 Mar, 2006

Hello! I am a 25 year old female living in New York City. I find this site excellent for when I'm bored at work, which is most of the time. I also think it's great that this comic appeals to such a wide age range. Altho some might say I am immature for my age... :)

Oh, and my favorite character is Crystal.
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Posted by calvinhobbes, 6:46pm, 3 Mar, 2006

The birthday thing is actually a really cool phenomenon called the Birthday Paradox. Basically, if there are 23 people in the same room, there is a 50% chance that two of them have the same birthday. (Here's the wikipedia article for more (it's actually pretty accurate) -

Oh, I'm a male, in my mid-teens, somewhere in North America (vague enough?), and I really, really, really, really like math. Really.

Favorite character - either Turnip or Crystal.

Posted by imp, 12:42pm, 6 Mar, 2006

I think my posts speak as to my character, except they don't speak at all, so . . .
I'm a mystery enthusiast who also likes web-comics. USA native, speak Spanish, married, brief.

Favorite character: Crystal. My heart always goes out to the repentant characters, so this could change anytime.

Birthday: Oct 14 nineteen-hundred-something.

Posted by emerald, 2:05pm, 8 Mar, 2006

hey i'm rose, i'm 16 and i live in england. i found this site a couple of months ago and got addicted very very quickly. i thought it was about time i posted something.
my favourite character is annabelle. she's cool.

Posted by superfuzzyLyd, 4:40pm, 8 Mar, 2006

hey everyone, my name's Lydia, i'm 16 and i live in Essex, England. I'm in yr 12 (one before last) at school and i'm studying for my A levels. I love playing and listening to music of many kinds, i'm an anime fan, i like sports football and skiing being my favs and i want to be an archaeologist. I love spider cliff, i've been reading it for quite a while and now i'm always checking for new chaps! my fav character.... probs Crystal, tho i love them all lol. Also wanna say huge thanks to jason, this site is great!!

About me...

Posted by athena54, 7:02pm, 28 Mar, 2006

Um...yeah. what Meserene (sorry if I misspelled your name) said.
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