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INtroductions page!...*sidenote nothing damaging or too personal though!

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Posted by rubyj, 8:29am, 2 Sep, 2005

I'm Jess. I beat all of lol. I'm 13 and I'm a Jersey girl. Most probably on the geeky side (history channel and wanting a huge dictionary for my birthday, but it's okay). I like all the characters so hard to choose my favorite.

Posted by heathermichelle, 10:12pm, 6 Sep, 2005

As you might guess, my name's Heather. I'm 21 and live in Indiana. As for my favorite character...Crystal's sarcasm amuses me greatly, but there's something about Annabelle that I like too. Then the history major side of me finds Alex rather endearing as well. *sigh* Far too many choices...

Posted by Egocentric, 2:37am, 23 Sep, 2005

I am Victor, but Egocentric suits me better. =)
I'm 16 years old and live in Sweden. I really LOVE this site. I read a lot (I think) of webcomics, but this is the best one so far.


Posted by Phoniexashes, 2:23pm, 26 Sep, 2005

Hi my name is Gina but normally go by Harley. Phoenix is my "other" name, but that's another story. I am 24, live in the Quad Cities ILL side, married with 2 kids. I have to say that Barlow is my favorite. Just the things he says reminds me of my husband. Nerotic(sp?) but to the point.
Still thinking that Barlow and Crystal are going to hook up, but you know what they say about a man who complains about a woman to much? He likes her and wants to be with her. Or maybe that's just what I say, who knows, but I have a sinking thought that Annabelle is going to end up with Alex. Just a thought.

Posted by Cole, 7:20am, 28 Sep, 2005

Hello my name is Nacole and I am from a small one-horse town in Missouri (orginally from Alabama). I am 23, a wife and mother to 3 ages 7, 5, and 1 (2 boys 1girl). SC gives me a much needed break from college homework and kid's homework.

My favorite character would have to be Crystal... just because she is a smarty pants(for the younger ears).


Posted by vega777, 7:04pm, 4 Oct, 2005

Hi!!! My name's Hayley and I'm from Texas. I am 17, love webcomics, and want to be a computer animator. I found this site months ago when I was checking an online comics... list...thingy...anyhoo, I think this site and these stories are awsome, as is the person who thought them up.
My favorite character is Alex because I think his quirkyness and paranoia is funny.

Posted by Kortren, 6:31am, 8 Oct, 2005

My name is Juan, I'm 22, and from Puerto Rico. The entire concept that is The Spider Cliff Mysteries is amazing! The characters, plots, dialogue, art, etc.; every aspect is cleverly handled. The way the site is organized and presented is really neat too, and the mammon exchange system is unbelievable! The very concept of an author offering rewards to dedicated readers around the world is mind-blowing. Jason Blue, my hat goes off to you! Keep up the great work!

Oh, and my favorite character is definitely Crystal; her wit and sarcasm are terrific. I also like how the sheriff uses the "balance" argument to justify his whims!

Posted by Deverien, 8:59pm, 11 Oct, 2005

I'm Deverien (no, not my real name), and I started reading this webcomic over the summer. I'm a bitter, cynical University student in Canada.

My favourite character is Annabelle, the undead zombie with surprisingly great hair.

Tal Tamir

Posted by taltamir, 9:59pm, 11 Oct, 2005

My name is Tal Tamir. Since my name is hebrew AND a unisex name (that means it can be both a girl's or a boy's name), I should tell you that I am a male.
I was born on may 21st 1984, so I am currently 21 years old.
I am 6' 3'' and weigh 230 lbs, with wide stature; but I am no body builder (ie: big, tall, strong, and some belly). I have Dark browen hair that seems black, brown eyes, and I am rather hairy.

I currently live in texas. I was born in Israel, and lived in canada from age 1-4, and also got to visit various other countries for extended periods. So I view myself as being from "earth" rather then a certain nationality.

I am currently a college student, and I read about 400 active webcomics at the moment, overall the amount of webcomics I have read is in the thosands. Like barlow I love reading books, I read over ten-thosand books over the years (at my peak, 2-4 books a day, each 300-500 pages; for a couple of years). Right now I don't have much time for reading for fun since I have to both work and study all the time. When I find something I like, I just immerse myself in it, usually for a few years, spending countless hours on it, so thats where the numbers come from.

Hebrew is my native language, although I am more then fluent in english. I also study German, American Sign Language, and Japanese. (forgive me for not using their proper names, but I want people to know what I am talking about...)

I have some martial arts experience, and lots of practical fighting experience from fending off bullies.. I was a nerd with his nose in a book all the time, but I was also one of the biggest and strongest kids in school... So usually a group of smaller bullies or a few big ones would pick on me (read: beat me up for fun) together, which I didn't stand for (read: I hit back).

I have two younger brothers, I introduced the younger of the two to this comic, While he enjoys it, he doesn't seem to be too interested so I am uncertain if he will actually read all the chapters.

I probably like annabelle the best, then crystal, turnip, and barlow. It was a tough call because I really like most of the characters.
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Posted by pockycrusader, 1:37am, 26 Oct, 2005

Hey, everyone. You can call me Pocky. I'm 21 and currently in Florida. I found this website through "I-am-bored" or something like that and got addicted almost immediately. I mean, a webcomic with zombies and demons, how cool does it get? Plus, it's interactive, which I've never seen in a webcomic before.

I read about 15 different webcomics, I'm an anime geek, and I like learning any language I can get ahold of. Currently, I'm taking Japanese classes, but I also try to self-teach languages. I guess that kinda makes me like Barlow, except, like Alex, I have this thing for the unknown and unexplained.

I'm also addicted to Skittles.

Posted by vspirit, 12:13pm, 23 Nov, 2005

Hello. I'm Von. I'm 23 and a Malaysian Chinese. Er, yeah, this means I'm from Malaysia, a tiny little peninsula beneath Thailand and above Singapore (and Indonesia) somewhere in the South-East region of Asia--if i got my Geography right. I'm a huge fan of video games, all kinds of comics (this includes webcomics/spoofs--my other favorite being Secret of Mana Theater), different kinds of music (from modern to world music--you name it) and the Internet. I study Japanese as a foreign language, as well. I'm currently working to fund my lifestyle and other various addictions.

My favorite character out of this is comic is Barlow. I like the kind of characters that are simple-but-may-not-be-as-simple-as-they-look-yet-undeniably-simple-yet-not...
i think you get the picture. I can think of a couple of other characters that fit this rather unorthodox bill but they're from anime/manga so you might not be so familiar with them.

Anyway, I'd like to say thanks to the creator for coming out with this. I always feel so grateful to them for coming out with series I've somehow endeared myself to, and lemme tell ya, I've endeared myself to LOTS xD. So, uh...thanks. ^__^
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Posted by desichild, 10:26pm, 26 Nov, 2005

Hey, I'm Prium, a 17 yr old girl from NJ....

I seriously think Spider Cliff is going to keep me from applying to college. And I love the whole this kinda-sorta-passive/aggresive romance thing (that's the girl bit coming out). I think I like them all...except Eliza and the Sherriff..Barlow would have to be my fav though. Who doesn't love a dorky ridiculous teenage boy?

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