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INtroductions page!...*sidenote nothing damaging or too personal though!

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Posted by Jawaookie, 6:15pm, 18 Aug, 2005

Salutations humans, I am Zybo, the Wonderful Wizard of Zo and I am 0! Lol! Sorry about that, I'm having the case of the giggles. I'm Jamie, a 19 year old college sophmore living in Georgia. ^_^ I like Crystal's sarcasm, especially when she's talking to Barlow, but Turnip is just too adorable!

Posted by crazyquilter, 1:46am, 19 Aug, 2005

Hi everyone, my name is Meri. I'm from Wy (yep, there really are people there!). I am 23, and absolutly love spider cliff, I stayed up all night when I first came across it, just so I could read every single chapter. My fav. character is by far Crystal. And I also am waiting for her and Barlow to hook up.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 2:55am, 19 Aug, 2005

I'm Meg! Hello everybody! I'm 17, and I stayed up an entire night to catch up on the entire story (at that point it was near the middle of The Third Vault). I absolutely love this comic and I've sent the link to a few of my friends. I like Crystal the most, and I can assume she's the majority favorite (or so says the poll on the front page). I check this site at least three times a day to see if there has been an update. It's just so interesting. And I agree with crazyquilter, I'm waiting for something major to happen between Crystal and Barlow.

Posted by MegumiChan06, 2:57am, 19 Aug, 2005

Oh yea, I'm from Bay City (that's in Michigan)

Posted by manigen, 6:21pm, 19 Aug, 2005

Hi, I'm David, and I live in London. I'm 22 and I found this site about a week ago. Took me three days to catch up with the plot and now I'm hanging on tenterhooks from episode to episode...
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Posted by doradiamond, 9:06am, 24 Aug, 2005

hey guys, my names Dora. 18 from sydney, australia (no kangaroos or funny accents though!... well, hopefully not). currently in my final year at school - 78 days to go! i reckn turnips a cutey but i wouldn't mind barlow hehe... im majorly up for a barlow/crystal romance... but apparently it's already happened but they dont remember it rite?

Posted by smjjames, 10:25am, 24 Aug, 2005

yea, in The Wendesay (I can never spell that :P) that wasnt, there was the suggestion that they slept in the same bed. If theres any proof that Barlow is not gay, its that :)

To all the Dudes and Dudettes

Posted by hookman, 5:46am, 25 Aug, 2005

Hello merry people I am Jack Hook I am 15 and I am from Liverpool in the UK.

My favourite character is both Crystal[is that her real name?]and Alex that poor paranoid freak
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Posted by vicky, 2:54pm, 25 Aug, 2005

Hiya, everyone. I am Vicky.
My fav. character is Crystal.
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Posted by chenata, 5:59pm, 25 Aug, 2005

Im sara.....Im from Ohio. Im 17 and I attend Highschool as a senior. My favorite character has to be annabelle becasue i mean honestly...who dosn't love a good zombie....Plus this animation caomic is very very good. I stayed up really late playing though the first 4 stories
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Hey yall

Posted by meln008, 7:07pm, 25 Aug, 2005

I'm melissa ... mostly known as mel. i'm 16 and going into my last year of highschool. I'm from good ol' Canada!! i just recently stumbled upon this site and i love it. my favorite character is crystal. she's awesome!

Posted by venusEnvy, 7:08pm, 31 Aug, 2005

Forgot to introduce myself before now. My name is Aimee, and I'm a SAHM. If not for these kind of wonderful escapist, whodunnit stories, I don't know how sane I'd still be. If I am. Or ever was.

I refuse to give my age, but I can identify more with Rebecca, LOL. And I'm from the Windy City area.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us, jasonblue.
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