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Make a Wish/Break a Wish

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Posted by vega777, 7:51pm, 3 Oct, 2010

Granted! However, you did it so far in advance that once you can actually turn it in, you can't find it, and they've run out of copies, and the internet is down so you can't get the forms from a computed. Too bad!

I wish I had a graphic design- related job lined up for me once I finished college.

Posted by Egocentric, 9:03am, 30 Oct, 2010

Granted! However, you fail your classes and as such free me from any obligation to find you a job.

I wish I didn't have trouble sleeping.

Posted by meln008, 10:39am, 22 Nov, 2010

Granted! But now you have trouble waking up.

I wish I could find something to eat.

Posted by Egocentric, 2:25pm, 10 Dec, 2010

Granted! It is an appetite stimulant pill (Whick would make you more hungry, right? I know nothing about medicine, but it seemed like a good response).

I wish I lived nearer to my school.

Posted by Kouya, 3:28pm, 19 Dec, 2010

Granted! But now your teachers are your parents.

I wish I didn't have to go to school ;)

Posted by Egocentric, 11:34am, 17 Jan, 2011

Granted! You get sent back to the bronze age. Also Europe, because I'm sure they had school elsewhere at that time. And I suppose depending on how you define school... and I suppose the bronze age didn't start/ end at the same time everywhere... nevermind, you get my point.

I wish I knew everything. That way I wouldn't have this kind of trouble.

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