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Make a Wish/Break a Wish

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Posted by FFWF, 9:12am, 20 Feb, 2010

Granted! Everyone becomes permanently happy, unable to distinguish between pain and relief, friendship and sadness. Human civilisation collapses!

Nothing interesting is happening this month. I wish to be a month further in the future.

Posted by Egocentric, 7:46am, 22 Mar, 2010

Granted! You are moved ahead to april.
Or, as an alternative: Granted!

I wish I wasn't sick.

Posted by FFWF, 5:38pm, 26 Mar, 2010

Granted! You weren't sick, but now you are.

I wish /I/ wasn't sick.

Posted by Egocentric, 11:58am, 4 May, 2010

Granted, but to get cured, you have to take some really foul-tasting medecine. (I'm sorry, it's not easy to think of downsides to being healthy).

I wish I had better imagination.

Posted by FFWF, 11:34am, 27 May, 2010

I don't have enough imagination to think how to grant your wish, sorry!

I wish my upcoming holiday wasn't occurring over the top of a crucial update to my favourite webcomic. (Wow that wish is terrible, but at least it's pertinent.)

Posted by Egocentric, 12:31pm, 29 May, 2010

Granted! Now The Spider Cliff Mysteries is your favorite webcomic. It probably won't update very soon. Unless you know something I don't...
(By the way, what is your favorite comic? Unless you mind telling, I mean.)

I wish the busses in Gothenburg didn't have such a confusing payment system.
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Posted by FFWF, 1:08pm, 5 Jun, 2010

(It was MS Paint Adventures, and the crucial update... was delayed until after I got back from my holiday. DUN DUN DUN)

Granted! The buses are now free, but the system swiftly collapses due to lack of funding.

I wish I didn't have an exam on Tuesday.

Posted by Egocentric, 9:14am, 10 Jun, 2010

(Oh. I haven't read that one before. I like Homestuck so far, though.)

Granted! You had the exam the Wednesday before that, but everyone missed it because they expected it on Tuesday.

I wish for my own spaceship.

Posted by FFWF, 11:57am, 11 Jun, 2010

Granted! You have your own spaceship. However, you are unqualified to be an astronaut, and it takes off without you, forever.

I wish the glitchy photographs that appeared on my camera yesterday out of nowhere would lead me on a magical adventure.

Posted by Egocentric, 10:38am, 29 Jul, 2010

At night, you are awakened by the sound of rustling from your drawer. You sneak up to it carefully, then look into it and find a fairy trying to steal your camera. You grab it quickly and tell it to leave your things alone, but it tells you that the camera actually is the fairy-king's magical glitchcamera. It had been lost for ages, but luckily the fairy had been following you for some time, for reasons unrelated, and saw you take the pictures. While the purpose of a camera that is intentionally glitchy is lost on you, you find the fairy's story believable and agree to let it go. It thanks you, and tells you that the fairy-king would likely offer you a finders fee for the camera, if you would just let it take you with it to the Sugarland Castle. You agree, and the fairy grabs you in it's strong arms and flies off. Halfway there, however, right above Plum-Tree Forest, the fairy finds a remarkably tasty-looking plum, diving down to grab it and leaving you in mid-air (after all, it cannot carry both the camera, you and the plum with only two arms). Luckily, you fall in a pond and remain unharmed, but the fairy is far gone. Long story short, you decide to find the king yourself, traveling the long road to Sugarland Castle and finding many exciting adventures and new friends along the way. Finally, you find the king and tell him your story. He agrees to grant you one wish as a reward for finding his camera, and you wish for nothing more than to be back in your own home.

After a few days home, however, you realize that Sugarland was the most wonderful and interesting place you have ever been, and that you have no idea how to get back. You live out the rest of your life in complete boredom.

I wish to never make a spelling mistake again.

Posted by FFWF, 1:42pm, 29 Aug, 2010

(The most awesome granted wish of all. Oh Sugarland, how I miss you!)

Your wish is grnated, but nwo everyone esle makes speling mitsakes, and cannot understond your wisses.

I wsih my schol didn't rekwire so much paperwjorike to be filled inn.

Posted by Egocentric, 9:35am, 3 Oct, 2010

Granted! Everyone in the courses (classes?) that you are not taking no longer needs to fill in paperwork.

I wish I had the strenght of will not save all my paperwork until the very last day.
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