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Make a Wish/Break a Wish

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Posted by FFWF, 10:39am, 16 Oct, 2009

Granted! But the girls' jealous boyfriends beat you up.

I wish I had a fountain of limitless water in my back garden.

Posted by Gadora, 9:00pm, 17 Oct, 2009

Great, the world slowly floods. I hope you're happy.

I wish that the next person to make a wish gets their wish in the way that they intend for it to be granted.

Posted by Egocentric, 6:41am, 18 Oct, 2009

Granted, but... heywaitamoment it's me! If I twist it, it'll be I who suffers. But if not, they'll kick me out of the Evil Genies Club. Aaahh what to do!

Granted, but I intend for my wish to be granted in a twisted way.

I wish I could do magic.

Posted by zooink, 9:55pm, 18 Oct, 2009

Granted! You disappear and is never to be seen again!

I wish cars run on water instead of petrol.

Posted by vega777, 3:35am, 20 Oct, 2009

Granted! Water is now 10 bucks a bottle. ^_^

I wish I had a part in a movie.

Posted by FFWF, 3:49pm, 22 Oct, 2009

Granted! You get a part in THE GRITVILLE SLAMMER, as Murder Victim #7. A mix-up occurs with the gun props...

I wish there wasn't a bus strike on tomorrow.
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Posted by Egocentric, 8:16am, 27 Oct, 2009

Sure, there will be no bus strike tomorrow. But there still was one last friday.

I wish for a free dinner.

Posted by zooink, 1:34am, 28 Oct, 2009

Granted! Your dinner only consists of brocolli and peas.

I wish I can become invisible.

Posted by Egocentric, 9:15am, 31 Oct, 2009

Granted, but you can't turn it off. Also, since your eyes need to absorb light to see, and being invisible means you absorb (or reflect) no light, you are blind.

I wish I could turn into a kid again every Halloween. For the Candy.
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Posted by FFWF, 3:10am, 2 Nov, 2009

Granted! You turn into a kid every Hallowe'en, but the military quickly finds out and captures you for age-reversal experimentation.

I wish I didn't have this cold. (I haven't already done that one, I hope. If I have, I wish I hadn't wished it before, because it can't have turned out well.)

Posted by Egocentric, 1:46pm, 11 Nov, 2009

You did make that wish before, so now you didn't. You still have the cold, though.

I wish for more Spider-Cliff stories. Sort of surprised noone has done that yet.

Posted by FFWF, 5:33am, 13 Nov, 2009

Your wish is granted! jasonblue writes down his notes and ideas, enough for several more stories. He'll put them on the site when he's finished the redesign. Release date: TBA

I wish submitting essays for my classes didn't involve so much tedious bureaucracy.

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